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Matt Higginson


Leads our customer assistance work in North America and distributed-ledger technology (blockchain) initiatives globally

Matt is part of McKinsey’s leadership team for Financial Services and Risk Practices and is the partner lead for McKinsey Values in Boston. He leads our work in collections in North America and is a member of the firm’s global operating committee in collections.

Matt’s experience covers financial-service clients in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. He specializes in advising clients on end-to-end collections transformations, retail-banking operations, and strategy and the strategic implications of distributed-ledger technology (DLT), or blockchain.

Select examples of his recent work include transforming the end-to-end collections operations for a large multinational bank, leading to annualized loss reduction in excess of $100 million, and partnering with a European client to plan the strategy and design the build of the world’s first fully regulated digital asset exchange built on DLT.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Matt was the operations lead for a number of forensic science labs in the United Kingdom, following a postdoctoral career teaching, researching, and publishing on climate change, geochemistry, and oceanography.

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Past Experience

National business-unit head, illicit drugs and toxicology
Operations head, chemistry and firearms

Forensic Alliance
Court-reporting forensic scientist

Boston University
Lecturer, department of Earth sciences

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Research associate


University of Bristol
PhD, organic chemistry

University of Oxford
MA; BA, geography