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Helps businesses across industries transform their strategy, operations and supply chains, and achieve world-class performance through disruptive technologies and data

Lapo Mori, a partner at McKinsey's Denver office, was previously based in Europe and Asia. He serves clients globally on operational and digital transformations and turnarounds across various industrial sectors, including mining, chemicals, agriculture, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and metals.

Lapo has advised clients in over 40 countries on how to leverage disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation to drive transformational change, shape their strategy, improve performance, respond to market disruptions, and achieve world-class operations. He has played a key role in building and leading McKinsey's digital and analytics offering for manufacturing and supply chain. His team of 50 partners and over 150 experts delivers cutting-edge digital assets to support the optimization of end-to-end supply chains and advanced manufacturing, with a focus on sustainability and the net-zero transition.

Lapo has led over 20 manufacturing transformations and turnarounds, focusing on operations optimization and advanced analytics. Here are some examples of his recent work:

  • Digital transformation and turnaround for a mining company: achieving over USD 1 billion EBITDA across over 10 sites through integrated supply chain operations and environmental management, enabled by a combination of digital, analytics, and agile methodologies.
  • Supply chain optimization for a chemical company: developed a "digital twin" to simulate and optimize the end-to-end supply chain, increasing gross profit by 8% by leveraging operating complexity and uncertainty, including cost volatility, interlinked flows, multiple outputs per production line, and product portfolio flexibility.
  • Operational transformation for a mining company: improved productivity, energy efficiency, and maintenance in around 100 sites over 18 months through site-based transformation waves, capability building, and addressing an opportunity of 8-12% cost base reduction.
  • Operational turnaround for a global minerals mining and processing player: focused on labor and asset productivity, enabling sites to increase throughput by 15-20% with limited capex (payback <1.5 years) by building capability and training over 40 change agents and PMO.
  • Recovery and turnaround program for an integrated steel plant: delivered over USD 110 million EBITDA over 18 months by diagnosing and identifying top-down financial targets, defining 100+ projects, prioritizing initiatives, building capabilities, developing KPIs cascades, and implementing performance management.
  • Turnaround for an international pulp and paper player: delivered over USD 60 million EBTDA over 6 months by transforming the operating processes and using advanced process control in a highly automated integrated mill.

Outside of work, Lapo enjoys spending time in the mountains and desert with his wife and two daughters, engaging in outdoor activities such as trail running, mountaineering, skiing, and scuba diving.

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Past experience

University of Pisa
Postdoctoral fellow

E-Team Squadra Corse
Team manager and technical director


Northwestern University
PhD, mechanical engineering

University of Pisa
MS, mechanical engineering
BS, mechanical engineering