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Lapo Mori


Advises manufacturing companies on transforming operations and supply chains to achieve world-class operations leveraging disruptive technologies and data

Lapo is a partner at McKinsey’s Denver office, and previously worked in Europe and Asia. He serves clients globally on operational transformations and turnarounds across various industrial sectors including mining, chemicals, agriculture, pulp and paper, and metals.

Lapo has advised clients in over 30 countries with a focus on leveraging disruptive technologies such as AI, advanced analytics, and automation to drive transformational change and achieve world-class operations. He brings a team of more than 40 partners and over 100 experts to deliver cutting-edge digital assets to support optimization of end-to-end supply chains, process controls and automation, and water management.

Published work

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Past experience

University of Pisa
Postdoctoral fellow

E-Team Squadra Corse
Team manager and technical director


Northwestern University
PhD, mechanical engineering

University of Pisa
MS, mechanical engineering
BS, mechanical engineering