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Among the leaders of the Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice as well as the Digital Practice in Western Europe. Valued member of the McKinsey Global Institute Council.

A senior partner at McKinsey & Company, Eric is a prominent figure in the Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice as well as the Digital Practice in Western Europe.

With a strong focus on digital transformation, Eric specializes in marketing and strategic challenges, supporting European organizations, particularly in retail, consumer goods, and technology. He dedicates considerable time to advising capital and investment funds, as well as governments, on digital issues.

Eric is a member of the McKinsey Global Institute Council, offering insights that shape MGI’s business, economic, and technology research. He has contributed to numerous McKinsey research programs, including recent studies on artificial intelligence and generative AI, the metaverse, and the use of technology for the common good. He has also coauthored several reports on the future of work and the influence of the Internet and ICT on the economy.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Eric was a senior partner at an international management consulting firm, where he led the global TIME (telecoms, Internet, media, and entertainment) practice and the consumer practice. Eric holds a Master of Science degree in management from HEC Paris, where he is a professor of business strategy.

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Past experience

Arthur D. Little

Kraft Jacobs Suchard
Sales and marketing

Senior product manager


HEC Paris
MBA, marketing, strategic policy