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Victoria Ngow

Associate, Kuala Lumpur

Being part of a passionate and supporting family.

Broadening horizons and breadth of work

Upon my graduation, a key factor that attracted me to McKinsey was the diversity of the work we do across industries and functions. Since joining the firm, I’ve also had the opportunity to work on compelling client issues, from reducing costs during a revenue crisis to using cutting-edge analytics engines to drive sales.

A supportive, nurturing environment

My colleagues are passionate about helping each other develop and their frank, helpful feedback on my day-to-day performance and advice on long-term growth, both personal and professional, has been integral to my development journey. Personally, it is refreshing to have colleagues of all tenures not only coach you but also share their tips and tricks on practical issues, from how to motivate clients on a project to efficiently using modeling programs.

Seeing theory in action

One of the most interesting engagements that I was involved in included building a data-analytics center for a telco client. I learned the true potential and implications of the popular buzzword "big data" as I had the opportunity to see the concept first-hand and in practice and take part in problem-solving sessions that were multi-dimensional, invigorating and exciting.

Being part of a family

In one of the recruiting events, someone posed a question: “What makes a McKinsey colleague stand out?” Since then, I can’t help but notice our McKinsey-isms—from scheduled problem-solving sessions to discussions about our Myers-Briggs personality types! Everyone is always willing to help and everyone works towards very high standards of quality. When I work with colleagues from other countries and continents, I’m always surprised at how similar we are!

Aside from my global colleagues, my office mates in Kuala Lumpur are a very lively bunch. No one lets me forget my newbie performance—I had joined in the same month as another Victoria and both of us flanked a male colleague in an embarrassing rendition of Uptown Funk. Whenever I work in the office on Fridays, there’s plenty of conversation around, about work as well as fun.

Quality over quantity

Many people are intimidated by the interview process at McKinsey—and it’s easy to get lost in the endless case-study prep. Personally, I found it helpful to go through individual case studies with a peer. I would also encourage speaking to someone in the firm as it can be both insightful and inspiring. It is also a great opportunity to find out more about the work the firm does, and the incredibly vibrant culture.


University of Sheffield
BEng, electronic and electrical engineering