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Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Japan is the second largest market in the world for pharmaceutical and medical products and a historical source of innovation. McKinsey has a significant Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice in Japan, serving many of the Japan-based pharmaceutical and device companies (both large and small) as well as the majority of the leading multinational players in this critical market. Our clients include manufacturers of both branded and generic pharmaceuticals, medical-device and diagnostic-equipment makers, and providers of over-the-counter and personal healthcare products.

Our extensive experience and understanding of Japan’s healthcare system and regulations position us well to help clients resolve the complex issues facing participants in this evolving sector.

Recent examples of our work range from sales and marketing (including product launch), business development and organizational transformation (including alliances, co-promotions, acquisitions, and post-merger integration), and targeted improvement initiatives in R&D and within operational areas.

McKinsey has also supported regulatory agencies and industry associations on various initiatives to improve access to medicines and improve the delivery of healthcare in Japan. Our practice leaders in Japan represent a mix of both global and Japanese practitioners, all with deep expertise in the industry.

For more information visit our global Pharmaceutical & Medical Products Practice site.

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Article - McKinsey Quarterly

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