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What does 2023 hold for the Philippines’ economy?

– While the Philippines has not yet reached growth rates experienced before 2020, big opportunities exist across sectors. If companies rethink strategies, sound economic growth can occur in 2023.

Charting a path for Vietnam to achieve its net-zero goals

– By harnessing opportunities across sectors—particularly in power—Vietnam could potentially accelerate decarbonization to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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Trade and network flows


The rise of digital and data flows in Singapore

– Diaan-Yi Lin, senior partner and managing partner in McKinsey’s Singapore office, discusses how digital platforms have transformed global trade flows, and how this affects Asian countries such as Singapore.

Technology and digital

From the top: Leadership in Southeast Asia today

The power of Southeast Asian consumers


How consumer-goods companies can win in Southeast Asia

– Disciplined spending, stronger partnerships with retailers and distributors, and cross-functional collaboration set winners apart. But all companies in the region need to step up their game in digitization and analytics.

The rise of Southeast Asian corporations