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Decarbonising India: Charting a pathway for sustainable growth

– This will be a decisive decade. With intentional action, India can accelerate decarbonisation at scale while pursuing economic growth.

How did COP26 help business move towards a net-zero economy?

– COP26 may have been a more important step forward than is visible. Harry Bowcott, senior partner in our London office, shares McKinsey’s reflections on the outcomes of COP26 and what the implications are for business.

India’s economic turning point

– India, a high-growth emerging economy, has reached a crucial juncture. Will the crisis sparked by COVID-19 spur economic reforms that position it to emerge stronger and meet the aspirations of its growing work force, or will economic stagnation take hold instead? This collection of articles and multimedia explores the potential in depth.

The Asian Century

Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Asia at the speed of light: An interview with the head of ReNew Power

– The energy transition will remake Asia, says Sumant Sinha, managing director of ReNew Power.

How Asia can lead the climate crisis response


What it would take for India to achieve net-zero emissions

– Partner Naveen Unni elaborates on why India has the opportunity to lay down the net-zero path for the world to follow.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Will India get too hot to work?

– Extreme heat and humidity could put millions of lives and billions of dollars at risk across India. What will it take to reduce... the risk?

The rise of Indian corporations