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Engagement Manager, Shenzhen

McKinsey offers the chance to deep dive into the nature of business at an early stage in my career. This helps to shape my business thinking.


McKinsey allows me to explore the most difficult business problems across industries and functions. The exposure to C-level executives at such an early stage pushes me to develop skills in top-down strategic thinking. I recently wrapped up a direct project review with a top-tier internet giant’s CEO. For young professionals that is a rare and valuable opportunity.


I’ve made many lifelong friends at McKinsey—not only do we work together, we also enjoy spending free time together. One of my most memorable experiences at McKinsey was with a team in Taipei. We finished our project review deck early on a Friday afternoon for the following Monday’s presentation to the CEO. To destress, we went out dancing together and enjoyed a great weekend.


I came from a strong fast-moving consumer goods background, and feel extremely fortunate to have the freedom to work on projects across functions like corporate finance, strategy, and due diligence, and multiple sectors. By working on a variety of client projects, I developed a deeper understanding and am confident in my interest in digital marketing and e-commerce.


The global training is the most enjoyable part for me. In 2019, I spent two weeks in Europe to attend a firm training focused on helping us find our area of interest and build professional capabilities as a senior consultant. Sharing ideas with global colleagues and enjoying social time for connectivity was a remarkable experience.


McKinsey works very hard to ensure we have flexible programs and interest groups to make work sustainable. I am a member of the McKinsey basketball and golf groups and enjoy playing sports, staying healthy, and building great relationships with my colleagues.


Zhongshan, Sun Yatsen University
Bachelor's, finance