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Engagement ManagerTaipei

At McKinsey, I make a difference for clients with my industry knowledge and experience and integrate the skills I learned at the firm—like structured problem solving and communications.

Choosing McKinsey

McKinsey serves organizations globally on today’s most pressing business challenges. Joining McKinsey puts me in the best position to collaborate with clients and innovate across industries and sectors.

Rewarding, Meaningful Experiences

Being a partner to clients has been the most rewarding experience. On one project, I supported a banking client on a productivity transformation, which included optimizing its budgeting mechanism, resource allocation, and retail banking reorganization. Addressing each of these involved diagnosing and planning from the top down and implementing carefully from the bottom up. Implementation projects are long, and this one lasted more than six months. During this period, we problem solved and collaborated with the client’s working teams.

The biggest feeling of accomplishment came when I heard the client’s project management office say the McKinsey team felt more like an internal team rather than an external consultant to their chairman and CEO. I was proud we had become a true partner to the client.

Discovering New Interests

The skill of problem solving helps me look at issues and challenges in a structured way. I’ve learned to look at the bigger picture and correctly define a problem before digging into the details, which was what I was used to. I regularly apply this skill to my professional and personal life and enjoy coaching others in developing their problem-solving skills. Tackling problems and creating the best solutions for myself and clients makes me excited to continue growing with the firm.

A Truly Global Firm

At McKinsey, I have access to an international network of experts and leaders and can leverage their expertise whenever I am tackling a new topic. For one project, I sent out an internal email with the subject line, “help needed.” Within twelve hours, I received ten emails from colleagues around the world sharing their experience and relevant documents to help me. I was impressed by McKinsey’s global network, and took comfort knowing there was an entire firm supporting me.

Work-Life Balance

McKinsey has flexible work programs—like Take Time—and allows part time hours as well to ensure our careers are sustainable. The firm helps set team norms by assessing our work-life balance through team barometers. I am encouraged to manage a full life, and I love that I can choose to plan my career in a way that suits me.


University of Massachusetts Amherst

National Chung Hsing University
BS, cooperative economy