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Who we are

We’re looking for both digital business consultants and technologists [data scientists, software engineers, data engineers, and designers] that are excited to blend analytics, design, and engineering thinking with our McKinsey teams and experts to help our clients solve their top challenges.

From day one, you’ll be part of a multi-disciplinary McKinsey team that applies technology to help clients shape their strategy, transform their organizations, and build new businesses to create positive change.

Who we’re looking for

Stories from our team

We are looking for exceptional problem-solvers like you to join our McKinsey Digital community of more than 4,500 tech colleagues. You will have the ability to grow your expertise and accelerate your leadership in business and technology, exploring the opportunities that are most exciting to you along the way.

Data Engineering

You’ll drive decision-making by connecting insights from diverse data sources across an enterprise.

Data Science

You’ll transform data into actionable insights, maximizing emerging, advanced analytics programming languages and methodologies.


You’ll create groundbreaking user experiences using proofs of concept, UX/UI design and more.

Software Engineering

You’ll build and scale products and platforms in market, using the latest software development technologies and processes.

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Applications and Interviewing


The interview process will include a series of technical, personal experience, and problem-solving components—with a mix of phone, virtual, and in-person interviews.

  • Data Science: timed technical challenges, technical interviews, problem-solving interviews, and personal experience interviews
  • Data Engineering and Software Engineering: timed technical challenges, coding/pair programming exercises, personal experience interviews, and problem-solving exercises
  • Design: portfolio reviews, technical interviews, personal experience interviews, and design challenges

To learn more about our interview process, please see our Careers site.

Interested in other McKinsey opportunities?

Explore our Students page for more on non-technical, generalist, and practice consulting student opportunities. If you’ve already graduated, please view our Experienced Professionals page.

2022 Full Time and Intern Opportunities

The application process for our 2021 full time and intern roles is now open. Please see below for more information:

Application Deadlines

For all roles, you’ll need to submit all application materials as per the deadlines below:

Full-time (recommended) and intern opportunities - July 19, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

Sophomore intern, summer intern, and full time opportunities - September 16, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

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