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COP26 in brief: What business leaders should know

– The upcoming climate summit has ambitious aims, all geared toward building climate resilience and preventing further climate change. What do five big issues on the agenda mean for companies?

Aligning portfolios with climate goals: A new approach for financial institutions

– Portfolio-alignment tools will help financial institutions chart more scientifically robust, realistic, and profitable climate strategies.

Innovating to net zero: An executive’s guide to climate technology

– Advanced technologies are critical to stopping climate change—and the drive to develop and scale them is accelerating. Here are five themes that could attract $2 trillion of annual investment by 2025.

Solving the net-zero equation: Nine requirements for a more orderly transition

– Net-zero commitments are rising, but the net-zero equation is not yet solved. This can only change if nine interdependent requirements are met with singular resolve, unity, and ingenuity.

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