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Serves global automotive and mobility companies as a core leader of our Automotive & Assembly Practice and leads our global urban-mobility team

Eric has nearly 20 years of consulting and industry experience serving global automakers, their suppliers, and other mobility companies. His work as a leader of McKinsey’s global urban-mobility team seeks to understand and develop cutting-edge perspectives on the cross-sector implications of mobility trends.

Recent examples of his work include the following:

  • supporting the development of a megacity’s pollution-abatement strategy to significantly reduce particulate matter within 12 months
  • working with a global oil and gas producer to identify and quantify the long- term strategic and margin impacts of emerging mobility trends
  • identifying new adjacent business opportunities in new mobility markets for a downstream oil and gas company
  • developing and coauthoring a model for a policy-organization report—outlining a strategy for the large-scale deployment of electric—resulting in a multibillion dollar congressional initiative
  • designing a growth-strategy product for the emissions-product division of a large tier-one automotive supplier, identifying a viable path to tripling revenue within 7 years
  • leading a product-development improvement program for a premium automotive OEM, identifying and implementing core process improvements as well as applying an innovative solution for increasing project teams’ overall performance, leading to a 20 percent improvement in their performance

Prior to joining McKinsey, Eric held various product-development and manufacturing positions at a major automotive manufacturer in both the United States and Germany.

Published work

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Past experience

PwC’s PRTM Management Consultants

Product development engineer


University of Michigan

Oakland University
MS, electrical engineering

Michigan Technological University
BS, electrical engineering
BS, mechanical engineering