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Integrating design and analytics for a step-change in margin growth

In an environment of increasing consumer demands and complexity, design-to-value (DtV) 4.0 drives bottom-line impact. Digital assets consider customers, products, and supply base. Advanced analytics enable deeper insights scaled across the business, and execution is sustained and accelerated through capability development.

Deliver customer insights through a suite of proprietary digital tools

Research reveals routes to decrease cost, increase value, and accelerate growth, as well as opportunities for customization and differentiation. Digital analytics tools combined with ethnographic research build an understanding of your customer-decision-making process and user/buyer behavior.

Combine design-thinking with technical insights to drive product creation

Our ten global design-to-value labs with more than 350 researchers, designers, and engineers use 3-D printing, rapid prototyping, and AR and VR tools to convert ideas into products. This includes performance- and material-testing services.

Leverage advanced, automated and in-depth analytics to identify detailed cost insights

A deep look into the parts, processes, and costs of products across your enterprise using advanced analytics uncovers commonalities and untapped efficiencies, as well as the opportunity to scale insights across the portfolio through the supply-chain cost base.

Find the true cost of complexity and identify standardization opportunities

Use tools and expertise to rigorously design out complexity and allocate resources with a focus on higher returns. In addition, use commonality to scale changes across your portfolio by finding the optimum balance between diversity and standardization.

Accelerate idea creation and product improvements, and build leading capabilities

Rapid idea capture and evaluation is combined with structured management and progress tracking, assisting new concept generation. Subsequent iterations receive quantifiable feedback, while manufacturing processes and channel resources are curated for final concept realization.


margin growth


researchers, designers & engineers

$57 BN

cost-savings generated

Featured insights

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– Smart algorithms won’t just lead to better products—they could redefine how product development is done.

The product management talent dilemma

– Despite product managers’ central roles in software organizations, they are often neglected from a talent-management perspective.... Four levers can address this industry-wide challenge.

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The business value of design

– How do the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts?

Taking the measure of product development

– Is the way you measure product-development performance harming your company’s health? New research suggests that it might... be.

Tools & Capabilities

Customer Insights

  • Deep, qualitative ethnographic user insights
  • Big data online research (BuzzAnalytics TM, BuzzB2BTM)
  • Quantitative value assessment

Design Insights

  • Ten fully staffed DtV labs
  • Spec challenges and performance testing
  • Virtual teardowns
  • Portfolio X-RayTM and complexity solutions

Supply Insights

  • Cleansheet solutionTM with parametric cleansheets and automated parts recognition
  • Advanced spend analytics (linear performance pricing/variance identification, predictive price forecasting)
  • Big data contract mining

Modularity & Platforms

  • Portfolio X-RayTM and complexity solutions
  • Complexity Cost Calculator

Execution & Scale

  • Product creation capabilities (end-to-end design, engineering, and sourcing)
  • Digital idea creation and value tracking
  • DtV Org, Academy and Implementation experts
  • FlowfinityTM, WAVETM