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Record-breaking global M&A activity continues in first half

Key sectors, geographies, and large deals animate the market.

Mastering change: The new CFO mandate

– New research shows that now is the time for finance leaders to lean into the evolution of their roles and reassert themselves... as strategic partners and digital enablers to the business.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, October 2021

– With rising vaccination rates, surveyed economies are reopening more fully; industry and trade are expanding despite the pandemic’s... knock-on effects.

The coronavirus effect on global economic sentiment

– Supply-chain disruptions now outweigh COVID-19 concerns as the biggest risks executives see to domestic and corporate growth.

Reports of corporates’ demise have been greatly exaggerated

– An analysis of 20 years of data on publicly traded companies and IPOs demonstrates that the drop-off in the number of listings... is less steep than pundits would have you believe.

Which metrics really drive total returns to shareholders?

– McKinsey analysis of more than 2,200 large global companies reveals the importance of monitoring both economic-profit growth and... revenue growth.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How one approach to M&A is more likely to create value than all others

– Two decades of research show that, while large deals still have their place, programmatic M&A strategies continue to create... gains in excess total returns to shareholders, at lower levels of risk.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Strategy for a digital world

– A winning digital strategy requires new twists to familiar moves.

Capital markets’ message to financial institutions: Differentiate or perish

– Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors have rewarded specialist financial institutions and universal banks making... bold portfolio moves.

What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal

– How leaders can adapt to a very different future.

The postpandemic board agenda: Redefining corporate resilience

– As boards move beyond crisis management, survey results suggest that specific risks and organizational issues are increasingly... top of mind.

Igniting your next growth business

– Growth outperformers prioritize expansion into business areas where they have a ‘natural ownership’ advantage.

How executives can help sustain value creation for the long term

– Joint research from FCLTGlobal and McKinsey highlights the behaviors that can help corporate leaders and board directors sidestep... pressures and stay focused on the long term.

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Learn what it takes to unlock the big moves that really matter for exceptional performance.

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Improving strategic outcomes with advanced analytics

– AI and machine-learning tools can enhance strategic planning.

Boards and the cloud

– A shift to the cloud requires boards to weigh numerous implications, from the technology infrastructure to cybersecurity.

The corporation in the 21st century

– Shifts in how businesses create value and how it flows to households highlight the changing role of the corporation.

The Committed Innovator: A conversation with Loonshots author Safi Bahcall

– The entrepreneur and innovation adviser explains how to make bold innovations flourish.

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Cash Excellence

This collection of articles and videos explores how to enhance an organization’s performance and resilience through the... application of cash management best practices, mindsets, and capabilities.

CEO perspectives

How do the best CEOs think and act? What wisdom can they share? Explore a special collection of CEO perspectives that touches... on everything from corporate strategy to personal working norms.
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Business Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a business to withstand, adapt, and thrive in the face of shocks that are internal and external,... as well as known and unanticipated.

Board governance

A collection of insights for corporate boards, CEOs, and executives to help improve board effectiveness including: board composition... and diversity, board processes, board strategy, talent and risk management, sustainability, and purpose.

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Report - McKinsey Global Institute

The rise and rise of the global balance sheet: How productively are we using our wealth?

– Net worth has tripled since 2000, but the increase mainly reflects valuation gains in real assets, especially real estate, rather... than investment in productive assets that drive our economies.

Boards, talent, and culture

– Boards need to ensure that management walks the talk on culture and values.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Will productivity and growth return after the COVID-19 crisis?

– Bold innovation by some firms under pressure of the pandemic could deliver a productivity dividend, but that depends on corporate... action broadening and robust demand.

The great acceleration

– The COVID-19 crisis has intensified existing trends, widening the gap between those at the top and bottom of the power curve... of economic profit. Will your strategy keep you ahead of the accelerated pace of change?

Coronavirus: 15 emerging themes for boards and executive teams

– Board directors and executives can pool their wisdom to help companies grapple with the challenge of a lifetime.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, November 2021

– Industry indicators are broadly positive alongside persisting inflation; pandemic restrictions return to Europe; nations recommit... to ambitious climate goals.

Indonesia and Islamic banking: An interview with Hery Gunardi

– The CEO of the newly merged Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) describes how digital and mobile capabilities unlock new opportunities... for Islamic banking within Indonesia—and beyond.

Managing growth and value creation in SaaS: An interview with a software leader

– Sue Barsamian, a veteran executive who now sits on several software company boards, discusses growth, product–market fit,... new tools for better metrics, and diversity in the C-suite and boardroom.

Unlocking cash from your balance sheet

– Opportunities to free up cash may be hiding in plain sight. Here are six strategies for releasing cash from your balance sheet.

From insurtech to incumbent: How Aviva Singlife came to life

– Many start-ups aim for disruption, but what does it take to break through in the insurtech industry? The founder of Singlife shares... his journey and insights.

Twelve insights for an inclusive economic recovery for New York City

– A robust recovery for the United States’ largest city is a recovery for all New Yorkers, especially its most vulnerable.
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