Cash Excellence

This collection of articles and videos explores how to enhance an organization’s performance and resilience through the application of cash management best practices, mindsets, and capabilities.

Featured Insights


How capital expenditure management can drive performance

– Want to reduce project costs and timelines while increasing returns? Undertake a top-to-bottom reassessment of your capital investments at every stage of the life cycle.

Unlocking cash from your balance sheet

– Opportunities to free up cash may be hiding in plain sight. Here are six strategies for releasing cash from your balance sheet.

Rethinking inventory management in defense

– Defense companies will have difficulty unlocking cash as their balance sheets become increasingly burdened with unbilled receivables. A new inventory-management approach can help.

Moving from cash preservation to cash excellence for the next normal

– Companies can build on their initial response to the pandemic to elevate their cash-management capabilities.

Scenario-based cash planning in a crisis: Lessons for the next normal

– Five best practices can ensure organizations are fully prepared for future challenges.

A data-driven approach to improving net working capital

– Better performance relies on greater visibility into processes and decisions. The right combination of technology, capabilities, and mindsets can make all the difference.

Make working capital work harder for you

– Companies can unlock value by managing working capital more effectively. Top performers are transforming the cash-conversion culture across the organization and implementing advanced digital-analytics solutions.

Transforming the culture of managing working capital

– A thousand everyday decisions can dramatically increase the cash needed to run a large business. Taking advantage requires a cultural shift.

The CFO’s role in helping companies navigate the coronavirus crisis

– Strong, steady leadership from the finance organization is critical for addressing immediate concerns about safety and survival, stabilizing the business in the near term, and positioning it for recovery.



Cash preservation in response to COVID-19

– How to establish a cash culture that balances urgent short-term needs with longer-term competitive considerations

A primer in resilience: A conversation with Kevin Carmody

– Having a resilience plan in place can set a company apart from its competitors while simultaneously improving cash flow and strengthening the balance sheet.