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Short-term pain for long-term gain: The new CEO’s dilemma

CEOs who pivot to a longer view of health and performance make the right moves for their companies, though it’s sometimes their successors who reap the rewards.

New CEOs often hear two conflicting messages: first, get out of the gate quickly because your honeymoon will be short and you need to show results; second, play for the long haul. Can you do both? The answer is yes, but it’s hard, and the results can be bittersweet. The companies of new CEOs who shifted their focus to the long term underperformed their counterparts at first and outperformed only after the CEOs had left. Request your invite to this exclusive webcast which includes an opportunity for you to have your questions answered live. Sept. 26, 2019. 10-11 a.m. New York; 3-4 p.m. London.



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About the presenters

Senior Partner, London

Michael Birshan

Michael co leads McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He also serves on the McKinsey Global Institute council, which advises on MGI’s research on global economic, business, and technology trends.
Senior Partner, San Francisco

Carolyn Dewar

Carolyn leads the culture, change, and executive-transition work in our global Organization Practice. An expert on culture dynamics, she helps organizations design and implement major change programs that improve performance, build capabilities, and shift behavior.