Zero-based productivity

Use zero-based budgeting principles to put your money where your strategy is, across your entire investment base

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Memo to the CFO: A new approach to 2021 budgeting starts now

– The financial-planning process for 2021 presents an opportunity to turn hard-earned lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic into an... enduring exercise in linking strategy to value.

Reset and reallocate: SG&A in the next normal

– Organizations are facing a set of unique challenges as they make decisions about selling, general, and administrative activities.... How are leaders dealing with them?

The SG&A imperative in times of crisis

– A crisis presents unique challenges in making wise spending decisions. Zero-based principles can help leaders move SG&A investments... where they should be—rather than where they have always been.

Driving value creation through G&A: Five ways to rethink your approach

– General and administrative (G&A) costs are usually the first target for cuts. But they can actually be hidden sources of value... for companies that know where—and how—to look.

Do you know where your budget is?

– Businesses that can’t see where their resources are going are flying blind. To respond to the unexpected, managers need... new capabilities that show where they are and how much room they have to maneuver.

Zero-based productivity: Going granular and end-to-end across the supply chain

– Companies often believe they have extracted all significant cost savings from their supply chains. A zero-based approach can unlock... additional value.

Zero-based budgeting gets a second look

– Digitization is breathing new life into a ground-up budgeting approach that debuted in the 1960s. Here’s how CFOs and other... business leaders can make it work in their own organizations.

Zero-based productivity—Organization: Using zero-based principles to forge a purpose-built organization

– By redirecting resources and employees to higher-value areas, companies can ensure that organizational structure and spending... align with business strategy.

Building the zero-based culture

– Theres a soft side to zero-basing. Businesses that want zero-basings changes to last ignore... it at their peril.

Zero-based productivity—Marketing: Measure, allocate, and invest marketing dollars more effectively

– Taking a zero-based budgeting approach to enterprise-wide marketing costs can uncover new opportunities and spur more-informed... spending decisions.

Zero-based budgeting revisited: Why this time is different

– This budgeting concept allows senior-leadership teams to put their money where their strategy is, aligning resources with business... priorities and setting the example from the top.

Zero-based productivity: The power of informed choices

– Extending the tenets of zero-based budgeting across the full cost base can transform performance.

Zero-based budgeting—The dos and don’ts of lasting change

– Getting the most from zero-based budgeting requires deft action from the start. Here are some crucial lessons from the front lines.

Build a reinvestment machine with zero-based budgeting

– When zero-based budgeting makes investing as rigorous as saving, the result is a reinvestment machine that supports growth year... after year.

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ZBB: More than cost reduction

Listen in for the four key benefits of ZBB over traditional cost-cutting programs.

Technology: Making ZBB easier

What does Technology bring to the table?

What can ZBP do for your business

The Fundamentals

What is ZBB?

Hear about the four pillars that characterize every successful ZBB transformation–and the critical enablers to make cost management a way of life.

Industry Perspectives


The truth about zero-based budgeting: ZBB for consumer-goods players

– Ten myths and realities illustrate the power and practicalities of zero-based budgeting for the consumer-packaged-goods industry.

Featured Experts

Ignacio Gorupicz

Ignacio is a partner in the Buenos Aires office who leads service operations in Latin America. His work focuses on implementing agile operating models, organizational restructuring, and digitization of corporate and business functions. His expertise also includes zero-based productivity (ZBP) transformations for a wide range of organizations.

Matt Jochim

Serves consumer packaged goods and retail clients on topics including selling, general and administrative expense (SG&A) optimization, zero-based budgeting (ZBB), supply-chain management, procurement, operating-model design, and merger management.

Abdulkadir Hacıalioğlu

Focuses on modernizing corporate functions by unlocking the value in digital, process, and capabilities

Matthew Maloney

Works with investors and corporate clients to identify and assess investment and growth opportunities and improve company performance

Carey Mignerey

Leads efforts across industries to manage costs and optimize organizational design and performance by applying leading-edge, zero-based–budgeting approaches

Scott Sattler

Focuses on modernizing corporate functions by unlocking the value in digital, process, and capabilities

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