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Scott Sattler

Expert Associate PartnerNew York

Focuses on modernizing corporate functions by unlocking the value in digital, process, and capabilities

Scott leads McKinsey’s corporate performance management team globally, which focuses on modernizing corporate functions by unlocking the value in digital, process, and capabilities.

With over a decade in industry as a finance executive, Scott advises institutions on a wide range of finance topics, including financial planning and budgeting, performance management, operating-model redesign, and digital and technology enablement. In that role he advises finance executives in all industries across both the public and private sector.

Scott is also a member of the Zero-based productivity (ZBP) council, helping McKinsey advance the topic by driving innovation through new technologies. He has led more than five large-scale programs and advised dozens of firms on the subject.

Examples of Scott’s recent experience include the following:

  • leading an internal financial planning and analysis (FP&A) transformation globally, focused on planning, budgeting, and workforce management
  • leading the delivery and deployment of an integrated digital finance and analytics roadmap for a global pharma client, allowing a disjointed approach and team to align on a single vision
  • leading an industry-first (in mining) digitization of cashflow optimization using a global cloud-based planning software, enabling global scenario modeling of macro-economic variables across very diverse assets, previously too complex to fully integrate into a single model
  • serving as the global thought leader in ZBB, leading multiple global Zero-based productivity programs, resulting in over $1 billion in cost out
  • leading over ten FP&A corporate finance transformations focused on operating model and structure, including offshoring, outsourcing, and digitization
  • leading an internal FP&A technology replacement, creating a single, integrated and driver-based planning environment including macro-level levers down to 20,000 individual employees
  • leading the technology enablement of sales and marketing platforms including revenue growth platforms, such as pricing, go to market, market segmentation, and price-volume mix assets across industries

Scott speaks frequently on the topic of digital finance with technology platforms and investors.


Director of revenue management

Proctor & Gamble
Marketing spend analyst


Quinnipiac University
BSc, finance