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Customer Care

Helping organizations deliver remarkable contact center experiences

By optimizing contact-center operations, driving effective service, and placing customer care at the heart of an organization, we guide the creation of value in customer-care operations.


Designing a future-care strategy

Design customer-care strategies based on customer journeys, define the optimal number of sites, and outsource and offshore ratio and routing strategy.

Optimizing customer contact points

Eliminate customer pain points by addressing the root cause of contact requests, as well as defining omnichannel journeys by introducing options for self-serve digital transactions using web, mobile, app, chat bots, and interactive voice-response (IVR) systems.

Transforming customer-care operations

Take an integrated, holistic approach to customer-care operations to confirm all aspects of a center, including employee care, workforce management, performance management, technology, and quality.

Adopting service to solutions

Help customers solve their problems by using a unique service to solution approach to improve revenue.


experts running performance transformations


cost reduction


customer satisfaction improvement

Featured videos

The future of customer care

Jeff Berg talks about the trends shaping customer care, and what an excellent customer care organization should look like in the future.

Design principles in customer care

Today’s customers expect digital service options. Hyo Yeon explains how organizations should best fulfil these expectations.

The employee journey—how analytics can drive engagement in customer care

Calls to contact centers are becoming more complex and harder to solve. Eric Buesing talks about the importance of investing in representatives for both employees and customers.

The impact of digital tools on customer care

Digital tools have a key role to play in improving customer experience. Maurice Hage-Obeid looks at how organizations can extract their full value and avoid certain pitfalls during the implementation of digital.

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Featured capabilities

We offer clients a wide range of innovative tools and capabilities.

Diagnostic tools

Proprietary benchmarking tools—such as Customer Care 360, Cleansheet, and speech and people analytics—guide the diagnosis and benchmarking of call centers.

These are supplemented by data-driven analytics to assess the customer journey at every contact point with Journey Analytics, Employee Care, and Performance Management tools, and qualitative assessment by Platinum Standard: more than 500 best practices that cut across routing, self-service, technology, outsourcing, workforce management, performance management and other areas.

Design and implementation approach

Customer care journey redesign. Redesign customer journeys across multiple channels in an agile manner.

Advanced analytical transformation. Build use cases (such as forecasting and repeat call reduction) by leveraging multiple internal and external data sources.

Performance improvement. Change agent mindsets and behaviors and implement lean practices.

Employee learning journey redesign. Design next-generation trainings based on employee needs, define individual learning paths, and understand intrinsic drivers for employee satisfaction.

Automation in a Box. Bring together stakeholders from operations, IT, analytics, customer experience, legal, and HR to create an automated targeted customer journey.

Network Strategy. A clean state network design to best serve different types of customers.

Impact stories

Using advanced analytics to build use cases

Identifying the root causes of repeat calls with advanced analytics plays a key role in reducing call volumes.

Making the most of automation

Monetary investment in technology isn’t enough. The investment must be supported by strategic goals.

Redesigning customer-care journeys

Taking a ‘digital first’ approach to service-delivery strategy can reduce call volumes and capture savings.

Improving employee performance

Building capabilities and shifting mind-sets can have a big impact on improving connections with customers.

Optimizing call center routing

With service centers located around the world, how should critical calls be routed for customer satisfaction?

Featured insights


The care of one: Hyperpersonalization of customer care

– Hyperpersonalization will be the new proving ground in customer care. This compendium lays out four key drivers that organizations must be prepared to integrate by 2025.

Why are your customers calling you again?

– Getting to the bottom of why customers keep calling your contact centers can generate significant savings. And result in happier... customers.

How to capture what the customer wants

– Companies often fail across digital channels because they are insufficiently aware of the real needs and preferences of their... customers across omnichannel journeys.

How advanced analytics can help contact centers put the customer first

– Companies without advanced analytics are leaving significant customer-service improvements on the table. But to fully reap the... advantages of advanced analytics, organizations must have the right foundations in place to make the most of their data.

Getting the best customer service from your IVR: Fresh eyes on an old problem

– Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have one major flaw: people don’t like them. To address this, companies need to... rethink their design priorities and put customer experience first.

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Jorge Amar
Partner, Stamford
Works with telecommunications companies to drive the changes needed to improve overall customer experience while also controlling...
Jeff Berg
Partner, Southern California
Advises executive and frontline leadership teams in the development and implementation of new operating strategies, with a focus...
Eric Buesing
Partner, Stamford
Advises senior executives and frontline leadership teams in both strategy and implementation of sales transformations, customer-service...
Raelyn Jacobson
Associate Partner, Seattle
Leads operational transformations and capability building in customer care, sales operations, and frontline effectiveness with...
Sören Jautelat
Partner, Stuttgart
Leads next-generation operating model transformations, with a focus on clients in advanced industries
Felix Kalkum
Associate Partner, Cologne
Helps clients navigate technology transformations and technology use for improved customer service, with an industry focus on...
Paul Kline
Senior Expert, Dallas
Focuses exclusively on customer-care operations across all industries—from financial services to hospitality to healthcare—for...
Dr. Julian Raabe
Partner, Munich
Specializes in holistic customer experience and customer-care transformations, deploying next-generation technologies, advanced...
Hyo Yeon
Partner, New York
As a leader of McKinsey Design’s global team, works closely with clients to ensure the use of a customer-centric approach to creating...

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