Serving the Black consumer is a $300 billion opportunity

Serving the Black consumer is a $300 billion opportunity

Tailor products specifically to meet Black consumer needs and wants, and not only is there economic value to be gained but also a greater chance to meet social and moral objectives.

Author Talks: What happens to Americans when they lose their jobs?

A new book shines a light on race, class, and American values and how jobs serve as a bedrock of people’s lives and drive powerful social-justice movements.

Protecting workers through award-winning design

3M and McKinsey Design have partnered to create a welding helmet that has transformed the daily lives of welders around the world. The product has won nearly a dozen international awards, including a 2021 “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award.

State of Fashion 2022

In 2022, the fashion industry can return to growth as changing category landscapes, new digital frontiers, and advances in sustainability continue to present opportunities.

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