The State of Fashion 2023: Holding onto growth as global clouds gather

The State of Fashion 2023

The State of Fashion 2023

In 2023, the global fashion industry will need to weather inflation while finding opportunities in shifting consumer patterns, channel and digital marketing strategies, and manufacturing approaches.

How will the space economy change the world?

Businesses that pursue emerging opportunities in space now may gain a first-mover advantage.

How to learn and lead calmly through volatile times

Three McKinsey veterans condense decades of boardroom experience and cognitive science into a guide for learning proactively and leading dynamically amid the most uncertain circumstances.

The link between climate and national security

Former Netherlands defense chief Thomas Middendorp, the “climate general,” discusses efforts to decarbonize defense forces and the security risks that could be heightened by climate change.

What does it mean to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth?

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