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We work with Romania’s leading companies to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth, reshape operations, build leaders, and transform the economy.

Since 2006, we have worked with a range of companies—from telecommunications to financial services to oil and gas—to drive Romania’s economic transformation while enabling all their work with the right technologies. Combining global expertise with deep local knowledge, we help our clients shape ambitious growth strategies and deliver breakthrough performance. We attract some of Romania’s brightest talent and are passionate about building the capabilities of our people, our clients, and across society. We strive to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth in all we do—for our clients and for Romania as a whole.



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Working in Romania

A career at McKinsey is an opportunity to work with remarkable people while learning and growing constantly. Our consultants help shape the growth of leading companies and help solve major social challenges—in Romania and dozens of other countries. Developing women leaders is a particular focus, and one-third of our consultants are female.

We offer a variety of career paths, including those for generalist consultants, specialists in McKinsey Implementation and McKinsey Solutions, and research and knowledge roles. We welcome applications from outstanding graduates—in any field of study—from Romanian and international universities.

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Romanian consumers in budget squeeze as they adapt to increasing uncertainty

– Romania’s consumer confidence is among the lowest in the region. Coupled with historically high inflation and the war in neighboring Ukraine, this lack of confidence is having a significant impact on purchasing habits. McKinsey’s Consumer Sentiment Survey, conducted in November 2022, found Romanians are changing their behavior to adapt to these concerns.

Bridging the gap: Transversal technologies to boost Romania’s resilience

– Romania is facing a widening technological gap compared with the rest of Europe. Huge value is at stake—as is the country’s long-term... prosperity. What can turn the tide?

Romania’s opportunity to turn sustained growth into long-lasting prosperity

– By taking action to boost savings rates, Romania could increase GDP by around 10 percent by 2050.

Digital Challengers on the next frontier: Perspective on Romania

– As CEE economies catch up with Europe’s frontrunners, accelerated digital growth may bring Romania’s digital economy... to almost €52 billion by 2030.

How prioritizing health can be a prescription for Romania’s prosperity

– Better use of known interventions could help reduce Romania’s overall disease burden over the next two decades.

Thoughtful digitization can help Romanian companies retain digital customers acquired during COVID-19

– Up to 2.5 million Romanians plan to reduce their online activities after the pandemic ends, the 2021 McKinsey Digital Sentiment... Survey shows. In the last 6 months, digital consumption in Romania has increased across the 11 industries studied, with 43% of the new digital joiners citing COVID-19 as the main reason. To maintain most of these recent digital adopters following the pandemic, companies will need to integrate the feedback received from customers, such as ensuring a smooth omnichannel experience.

A time for reinvention—Challenges and solutions for the Romanian banking system

– The pandemic is the biggest stress test in decades for the global banking system. Romanian banks need to fundamentally rethink... their business model in order to overcome this challenge.

Organizational Agility Index – Romanian perspective

– The agility of Romanian companies is relatively low, according to our Organizational Agility Index. This is a call to action—enterprise... agility has been a desirable option in recent years, but during the pandemic it has become essential.

Digital Challengers in the next normal – Romania in the CEE context

– Shutdowns caused by COVID-19 speeded up the adoption of digital technologies in Romania and in the CEE region.

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