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Vik Sohoni

Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps companies in the financial services, retail, logistics, and other sectors affected by technology and analytics trends to build and scale their capabilities

About Vik

Vik draws on his deep experience in the financial-services industry across strategy and technology, as well as his digital expertise, to help clients across sectors confront the challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution. For example, he sets up digital factories and installs new management systems—mission-based models of management—to equip clients with a new operating model fit for purpose for the new digital era.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • helping a large bank rethink its data strategy
  • developing a technology modernization blueprint to help a top food distributor migrate to the cloud
  • creating a digital and artificial-intelligence-enabled architecture for an industrial distributor
  • conceiving a digital proposition in the mortgage industry
  • setting up digital factories supported by mission-based management systems for several banks in North and Latin America to power the business with technology in an agile manner that also takes into consideration the regulatory, organizational, and competitive practicalities of large firms
  • conducting a geospatial analysis to optimize the distribution network for a large financial institution

In addition to his client work, Vik publishes often; is a frequent speaker at industry events; and convenes several CIO, chief digital officer, and operations roundtables in New York and Chicago.

Outside of his work with McKinsey, Vik is actively involved in the community in Chicago, supporting economic-development efforts with several business leaders and organizations.


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Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
MBA, finance