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Pooneh Baghai

Senior Partner, Toronto
Works with global asset and wealth managers, banks, and insurers on strategic and operational challenges and organizational opportunities

About Pooneh

Pooneh is the co-leader of the Global Wealth & Asset Management Practice. She has also served as leader of the Canadian Financial Services Practice.

Pooneh has deep experience serving asset managers, wealth managers, banks and life insurers on growth and portfolio optimization, as well as large-scale operational and functional transformations.

Her recent projects include:

  • defining an aggressive growth strategy for a global asset manager  

  • leading a performance turnaround for a global financial institution to reduce its expense base by $1 billion through lean operations redesign, IT standardization, sourcing and nearshoring and offshoring 

  • developing a strategy for a leading bank on increasing the penetration and share of wallet for its wealth management customers

Published work

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London School of Economics
MS, management

University of Toronto
MA and BA, economics