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Nico Berhausen


Serves industry leaders across the automotive, machinery, and consumer goods sectors on strategic product management, product development, and operations topics

Nico is a leader of McKinsey’s Operations Practice where he leads our product management work. He advises companies in the automotive, machinery, and consumer goods industries, working across Europe and globally. Nico’s areas of expertise include product innovation, design and development, strategic portfolio and product management, and manufacturing and supply chain optimization. His clients are mostly in multi-business or post-merger situations and search for a leap in performance improvement.

Nico has recently worked with clients in B2B and B2C businesses on the digitization of their product portfolio, leveraging the latest design approaches with McKinsey Design. He is also currently working on improving the financial and operational resilience of industrial companies for future volatility. One of Nico’s core missions is to make the industry more cost efficient to make room for more investments into a greener and more sustainable future.

Born into a family of car-dealers and race drivers, Nico is passionate about electric vehicles and fascinated by everything in motion, including all kinds of machines.

Past experience

BMW Group
Associate, consultant


Copenhagen Business School
PhD, operations management