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Ivan Verlan

Leads McKinsey’s AI Growth topics for Operators & ISP’s in North America, focusing on AI-driven use-cases across acquisition, enrichment, retention and winback, and brings his deep expertise in customer-value management and personalization to other B2C service industries.

Ivan is a partner in Philadelphia, US. Over last decade he led programs across developed markets of North America & Western Europe, as well as developing markets of Easter Europe, South-East Asia, Africa, focusing on Technology, Media & Telecommunication sector. He’s also a core member of the Growth, Marketing & Sales practice, and is affiliated with AI team of McKinsey’s QuantumBlack.

In marketing and sales, Ivan concentrates on analytics-driven customer value and lifecycle management (CVM and CLM), especially in the B2C service sector, as well as on channel and distribution strategy, including omnichannel, sales and channel capability building, and commercial spend optimization. He advises telcos on post-merger commercial management, fixed-mobile convergence launch and acceleration, pricing and value-proposition updates, and a host of other topics. Ivan also led and contributed to marketing and sales projects in industries as diverse as agrochemicals, real estate and construction, broadcasting, and luxury skincare.

Inspired by real-world examples of bold, effective leadership, Ivan is an avid reader of biographies. His favorites include Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and Andrew Carnegie.

Published work

A reflection on global food security challenges amid the war in Ukraine and the early impact of climate change,” McKinsey & Company, August 2022


Boston Consulting Group
Project manager

Senior consultant



Saint Joseph’s University
BSc, international business