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Guides organizational transformation by improving operating model design, clarifying governance and decision making, and enhancing talent strategy

Liz is one of the leaders of Organizing for the Future, a McKinsey initiative offering integrated, bold approaches to designing operating models, defining organizational identity, and meeting the challenges of growth. Since joining the firm in 2011, she has advised companies across sectors, focused on what it takes for organizations to thrive.

The rapid pace of change puts pressure on companies to operate with speed and simplicity. In support of stronger performance, Liz partners with executives to keep up with demand and scale their organizations flexibly. This support often includes reshaping governance and decision-making models and establishing new approaches to managing talent.

In many cases, Liz supports broad-based organizational and performance transformations across entire companies, setting new agile operating models, and shifting culture in fundamental ways.

Examples of her recent client work include the following:

  • supporting a post-merger performance transformation, including defining a new company-wide culture; in just eight months organizational health scores improved dramatically
  • establishing an agile operating model for an industrial company to successfully meet soaring demand
  • streamlining the operating model and top-team design for a healthcare organization, improving the quality of governance and speed of decision making
  • building an enterprise-wide human capital strategy for a health insurance provider to support a bold growth strategy, including fostering a more performance-based culture
  • helping a national healthcare provider transform performance by improving strategic talent development, investing in organizational health and building new capabilities
  • architecting a new leadership model and operating approach for a technology company, enabling rapid growth and better decision making

Interested in helping leaders anticipate and stay ahead of trends, Liz publishes frequently on how work is changing and what successful organizations can do to prepare for the future.

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Past Experience

Esty Group
Senior research associate

Earth Policy Institute
Staff researcher



Cornell University
MBA, sustainable global enterprise

Williams College
BA, geosciences