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Dennis Spillecke

Senior PartnerCologne

Dennis is a key leader of McKinsey, co-heading the European Private Equity & Principal Investors practice. Formerly, he colead the European Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice. His focus lies in driving and molding growth transformations for our private capital clients.

Dennis is at the forefront of McKinsey’s Private Equity & Principal Investors practice in Western Europe. He helps clients generate significant value by pushing the growth S-curve via top-line levers including pricing, sales, marketing, and product optimization.

Drawing on extensive client experience, Dennis has authored a collection of books, articles, and essays on topline growth. Notable among them is “Marketing Performance: How Marketers Drive Profitable Growth,” a hands-on guide providing insights on crafting relevant messages, executing effective campaigns, ensuring customer satisfaction, optimizing promotions, and ultimately boosting shareholder returns.

Examples of Dennis’ recent work include:

  • full investment cycle partnership with a B2B service company
  • fund partnership for full investment cycle
  • elevating the price position and sales strategy for a top private equity portfolio company
  • leading a comprehensive end-to-end transformation for a leading B2B company
  • directing a top-line improvement program for a prominent SAAS player
  • providing transaction support for diverse asset classes in various projects


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