Our People

Stine Rømmen Anderssen
Associate Partner
Leads McKinsey’s Organization Practice in the Nordics and works with clients to design and navigate through large-scale transformations
Martine Drageset
Associate Partner
Supports companies in the retail; apparel, fashion, and luxury; and fitness spaces on strategy and commercial issues, such as...
Anders Milde Gjendemsjø
Associate Partner
Advises aquacultural and agricultural clients on shaping strategies for future growth and performance improvement
Paul Jenkins
Senior Partner
An expert in digital across industries, with deep knowledge in banking and insurance; helps clients develop new digital ventures,...
Kjartan Kalstad
Trusted by leaders in telecom, media, technology, banking, and other consumer-facing industries for his expertise in full-scale...
Florian Kühn
Helps clients seize opportunities in the fast-moving energy transition, drawing on deep expertise in renewables and clean tech
Frithjof Norman Lund
Managing Partner and Senior Partner
Leads McKinsey Board Services, our global service line helping CEOs and boards of directors improve corporate governance, and...
Hege Nordahl
Expert Associate Partner, PAX
Works with leaders in the oil-and-gas industry on their strategic and operational agenda, helping oil and gas companies close...
Christian Therkelsen
Shapes value-creation agendas and drives performance transformations with clients in the energy and basic-materials sectors
Johan Thorbjörnsson
Expert Associate Partner
Serves consumer-driven clients within retail, financial services, and telecommunications in shaping strategic enablement of growth...
Christer Tryggestad
Senior Partner
A leader of our global Electric Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) and Oil and Gas (O&G) Practices; also leads the Knowledge Committee...
Rickard Vallöf
Helps leading retailers and consumer-facing industries in Scandinavia with full-scale transformations

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