Meet Our People

Beate Heen Strandskog
Engagement Manager
“McKinsey’s feedback culture makes me feel appreciated. My colleagues truly care about my development.”
Solveig Xia
“I appreciated the fact that ‘people’ was highlighted before anything else, and that rings true for my own experience.”
Anders Jørgen Bjørndalen
Engagement Manager
“For me, the best part of McKinsey is the amazing people on the team and in the office who continue to inspire me.”
Vilde Haslund
“Yes, you are expected to pull your weight, but you are not expected to do it completely in isolation. People are always happy to help you to perform at your best.”
Gard Rystad
“I chose McKinsey because we work with high impact projects all over the world and have a unique culture for learning and fun.”
Luca Stabellini
Associate Principal
“I get to work closely with senior clients and support them in making pivotal decisions that will change the direction of their companies and the markets they are in.”
Nicolai Ludvigsen
Engagement Manager
“McKinsey is truly a global firm. I love the diversity of personalities, nationalities, interests, and ages that I encounter in our offices.”
Sondre Flinstad Harbo
What first made me consider joining a management-consulting firmand especially McKinseywas that the problems one tackles are at a high level in our client businesses.
Amit Ighani
Junior Associate
“McKinsey came up as a unique opportunity to combine my passion for health with my interest in business, solving challenging and interesting problems worldwide, surrounded by some of the sharpest and brightest people.”
Cecilie Skjong
“Even when you are amongst the youngest in the room, your opinions are valued as much as everyone else’s.”
Matias Bugge
“I am lucky to work at a place with exceptional people and face new, exciting challenges every day!”
Hanna Selvaag
“When first interviewing with McKinsey, I was surprised by how strongly I felt the interviewers wanted me to succeed.”
Håkon Halvorsen Wik
Junior Associate
“I never expected to be so diligently coached and generously trusted as I was from day one.”

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