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Daisuke Nozaki

Senior PartnerTokyo

Supports clients primarily on large-scale transformations, working side by side with the client’s leadership; advises on strategy design for business alliances, M&A, and JVs; and supports end-to-end corporate transactions, including postmerger business collaboration and integration

Daisuke consults for clients across an array of sectors, leveraging his rich expertise in corporate transactions, including M&A and joint ventures, business-integration management, strategy planning, and the development of next-generation leaders.

In addition to supporting the overall M&A process for Japanese companies, Daisuke leads engagements for a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, raw-material and energy players, consumer-goods businesses, healthcare companies, and strategic and institutional investors. He also actively supports the establishment of joint ventures and other forms of partnership.

Examples of his recent work include the following:

  • supporting a Japanese company on business integration and the design of global-operations governance following its acquisition of a European company
  • helping a client in the natural-resource sector plan its strategy for an acquisition in Southeast Asia, including reaching out to the target company, and negotiating and executing the acquisition
  • guiding a partnership-formation proposal, from negotiations through execution, as part of a new business development strategy project for a Japanese high-tech company
  • advising a Japanese manufacturer establishing a joint venture with a strategic partner to expand the presence of both companies in emerging markets by leveraging their respective capabilities

In driving business-management integration for corporate transactions, Daisuke collaborates with client organizations on a number of activities. These range from managing acquired companies by introducing transparent governance and control mechanisms (while maintaining independence in day-to-day operations) to the full integration of all business functions and the creation of a new organization under an integrated leadership structure.

The merger-management projects Daisuke has participated in also involve various investment structures, such as full acquisition, minority investments, joint ventures, and partnerships. In all cases, he focuses on forging synergies to maximize the investment’s impact, developing operational-improvement initiatives (to increase sales and reduce costs, for example), and creating implementation programs in close collaboration with the client’s management and team members.

Apart from his roles in corporate transactions, Daisuke is passionate about Japanese-leadership development and strengthening the global-management capabilities of Japanese companies. In this role, he has led numerous HR and talent-development projects for Japanese clients.

Daisuke initially worked for the firm from September 2003 through August 2006, rejoining it in June of 2012. He brings experience from time spent at KKR and Goldman Sachs.

Published work

Creating value with M&A in Asia’s diverse marketplace,” McKinsey & Company, February 2024

A force for good: Japan’s private equity opportunity,” McKinsey & Company, January 2024


University of Tokyo
MA, English literature

University of Tokyo
BA, English literature