Careers in Japan

Life as a Consultant

Career path

Career progression at McKinsey is governed by a “promote when ready” philosophy. We strive to be a meritocracy. That means that when you demonstrate the skills needed for the next level, you advance regardless of relative age or years at the firm.

Opportunities to work abroad

Many McKinsey client projects involve international teams from various McKinsey offices. For example, a post-merger management project involving a Japanese company and a European company would be staffed with a joint team from our Japan office and the relevant European office. Transfers to overseas offices are also possible after the first year, provided that consultants have adequate language skills and demonstrate all the skills expected for a second year.

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Training and development

All McKinsey consultants attend tenure-specific, ongoing training in both consulting and communication. In addition, there is a global training session for colleagues from other offices about every 18 months that provide opportunities to build a network of peers and deepen knowledge and skills.

Language training

Consultants who join the firm as a business analyst will be advised to take English lessons based upon the results of their individual English skill test (administered during the recruiting process). After joining the firm, there are additional opportunities to attend training in English.

MBA program

McKinsey actively supports business analysts who wish to enroll in an overseas MBA program (this does not apply to those who join as junior associates or associates). All business analysts who meet the program requirements will receive support; we do not limit the number of analysts who are eligible.

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Work-life balance

At McKinsey, we value the quality of each consultant’s impact and overall productivity, not the hours worked. We provide the tools, training, and culture to allow consultants to serve clients well and have a life outside of work. To balance work-life responsibilities, parental leave and childcare are available to all, regardless of gender. In addition, our paid vacation policy is generous, and consultants are encouraged to use their time off to relax and rejuvenate.

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