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Investire nelle grandi opere in Italia: le opportunità da digitalizzazione, resourcing e reskilling

– La sfida della realizzazione degli investimenti infrastrutturali in Italia è un’opportunità per la digitalizzazione, l’attrazione di talenti e il reskilling a scala

Quando Davide si allea con Golia

– L’Europa genera il 36% delle startup di tutto il mondo, ma solo il 14% degli unicorni. Nuove forme di collaborazione fra le startup e le grandi aziende possono favorire la crescita e l’innovazione anche in Italia.

The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times

– Strengthening institutional resilience has never been more important.

Unlocking the full life-cycle value from connected-car data

– Car data can help mobility players along the entire value chain—but they need to act now.

Getting the price right in logistics

– Reimagining the pricing cycle can be the most impactful lever for profitability in the logistics sector, and five steps to reform... the entire pricing cycle can maximize the value.

Reducing data costs without jeopardizing growth

– Organizations are leaning on data insights more than ever to cope with the pandemic’s fallout. But with most companies in... resiliency mode, how can they ramp up data efforts while managing data costs?

Italian insurance: Achieving scale in advanced analytics

– Continued investment in advanced analytics will be vital for Italian insurers navigating the post-COVID-19 landscape

The future of maintenance for distributed fixed assets

– Why people are key to successfully implementing technology‑led maintenance transformations.

Environmental, social and governance


Capturing growth in Asia’s emerging EV ecosystem

– Asia’s electric-vehicle market is poised for growth. Those who approach the challenges and opportunities with an ecosystem... view can create significant value for their business—and the global climate.

Playing offense on circularity can net European consumer goods companies €500 billion

– European consumer goods companies that adopt a circular business model view extending product life through repair, resale, refurbishment,... and recycling as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat.

Nature and financial institutions in Africa: A first assessment of opportunities and risks

– Africa’s climate resilience can be strengthened by redefining its economic model to leverage natural capital and designing... financial systems to redirect critical nature-based investments.

Proposed climate rule signals new era for real estate

– The SEC’s draft regulation would require all public companies to disclose emissions and risks related to their real estate.... Here’s why the real-estate industry should move preemptively.

Evolving ecosystems: Advanced analytics in shrimp aquaculture

– The latest innovations in digital ecosystems can help standardize, automate, and optimize farming practices.

Accelerating toward net zero: The green business building opportunity

– Surging demand for zero-carbon technologies, materials, and services gives companies opportunities to build new green businesses.... Leaders that move quickly could see exponential growth.

The future of African oil and gas: Positioning for the energy transition

– With momentum for sustainability building, Africa’s oil and gas producing nations have a unique opportunity to embark on... an inclusive energy transition and chart a course toward a sustainable future.

Resilience for sustainable, inclusive growth

– Resilience should be seen as the ability to deal with adversity, withstand shocks, and continuously adapt and accelerate as disruptions... and crises arise over time.

Understanding the SEC’s proposed climate risk disclosure rule

– A new rule proposed by the SEC would require companies to significantly increase their reporting on climate risk. We look at the... implications for senior executives.

Failure is not an option: Increasing the chances of achieving net zero

– Countries and companies globally are taking action to pursue net-zero emissions, but their plans could easily be derailed... by myriad factors. Here are some considerations for helping to keep them on track.

Houston as the epicenter of a global clean-hydrogen hub

– Clean hydrogen is emerging as a viable way to reach net zero. In the United States, clean-hydrogen efforts in Houston, Texas,... could serve as a template for other regions.
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Digital, Analytics and Transformation


Localization of data privacy regulations creates competitive opportunities

– Around the world, new regulations are promoting data localization. To comply, companies must be agile in their investments, but... those that get it right could increase their revenues and market share.

Securing your organization by recruiting, hiring, and retaining cybersecurity talent to reduce cyberrisk

– Shed the conventional methods. Talent-to-value protection defines the most important cybersecurity roles that demonstrate the... greatest reduction in risk for the enterprise.

Opportunity knocks for Europe’s digital consumer: Digital trends show big gains and new opportunities

– Despite still high digital adoption rates, our latest Digital Sentiment Survey finds that consumers are uncertain about the future.... But clear opportunities for digital growth exist for companies that know where to look.

Managing financial crime risk in digital payments

– To face down the financial-crime threat, payments service providers can learn from banks while utilizing their own advanced technological... skills.

Demystifying digital dark matter: A new standard to tame technical debt

– Technical debt hinders growth. A new metric makes it easier to quantify how much it’s hurting companies.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

‘Find the smartest technologist in the company and make them CEO’

In the first episode of the new The Quarterly Interview: Provocations to Ponder series, Silicon Valley’s... Marc Andreessen tackles tech trends like artificial intelligence, crypto, and Web3—and why incumbents still have a tough time competing with digital start-ups.

New operations management systems for a digital world

– Now is the time to redefine management disciplines with a modern tool kit powered by technology. The organizations that embark... on this journey sooner will achieve the benefits from a culture of innovation.

The cloud as a strategic ecosystem for innovation and growth

– In this interview, Deutsche Börse’s chief information officer and chief operating officer explains how the company’s... ongoing cloud journey is defining its digital transformation.

Cybersecurity legislation: Preparing for increased reporting and transparency

– To get ready for compliance with new US regulations, companies can segment their preparation into stages and take both short-... and long-term actions to increase preparedness.

Growth opportunities for digital health in KSA and UAE

– Digital health can improve patient services and well-being in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The sector... offers growth opportunities for existing players and new market entrants.

How technology is shaping learning in higher education

– New McKinsey research shows that students and faculty are eager to continue using new classroom learning technologies adopted... during the pandemic, but institutions could do more to support the shift.
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