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Quando Davide si allea con Golia

– L’Europa genera il 36% delle startup di tutto il mondo, ma solo il 14% degli unicorni. Nuove forme di collaborazione fra le startup e le grandi aziende possono favorire la crescita e l’innovazione anche in Italia.

The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times

– Strengthening institutional resilience has never been more important.

Unlocking the full life-cycle value from connected-car data

– Car data can help mobility players along the entire value chain—but they need to act now.

Getting the price right in logistics

– Reimagining the pricing cycle can be the most impactful lever for profitability in the logistics sector, and five steps to reform... the entire pricing cycle can maximize the value.

Reducing data costs without jeopardizing growth

– Organizations are leaning on data insights more than ever to cope with the pandemic’s fallout. But with most companies in... resiliency mode, how can they ramp up data efforts while managing data costs?

Italian insurance: Achieving scale in advanced analytics

– Continued investment in advanced analytics will be vital for Italian insurers navigating the post-COVID-19 landscape

The future of maintenance for distributed fixed assets

– Why people are key to successfully implementing technology‑led maintenance transformations.

Environmental, social and governance


The path to net zero: Investing in carbon markets

– As the drive to curb global warming gathers pace, carbon markets have become increasingly fundamental to achieving net-zero greenhouse-gas... emissions.

How the net-zero transition would play out in countries and regions

– All 69 countries we looked at in depth face some exposure to the transition. Lower-income and fossil fuel resource-producing countries... would need to spend more relative to GDP to build a low-emissions economy and support economic development.

Managing the net-zero transition: Actions for stakeholders

– Stakeholders would need to act with unity, resolve, and ingenuity, and toward equitable long-term outcomes to support the economic... transformation a net-zero transition entails.

Sectors are unevenly exposed in the net-zero transition

– Economic sectors with high-emissions products or operations would face substantial effects on demand, production costs, and employment.

Six characteristics define the net-zero transition

– Our analysis of the net-zero transition suggests that it would be universal, significant, and front-loaded, with uneven effects... on sectors, geographies, and communities, even as it creates growth opportunities.

The economic transformation: What would change in the net-zero transition

– A net-zero transition would entail a significant and often front-loaded shift in demand, capital allocation, costs, and jobs.

The net-zero challenge: Accelerating decarbonization worldwide

– Net-zero emissions can be achieved only through a universal transformation of seven energy and land-use systems. Here, we look... at actions to accelerate decarbonization.


How to prepare for a sustainable future along the value chain

– Consumer-goods companies are setting ambitious sustainability targets for themselves. To reach those targets, however, changes... are required along the entire value chain—with a concrete road map.

Road freight global pathways report

– Freight transport is responsible for a high percentage of vehicle emissions. Substantial reductions will require a greater focus... on medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Decarbonizing the built environment: Takeaways from COP26

– How can the cement and construction industry achieve net zero by 2050? Here are the key takeaways from a roundtable discussion... McKinsey hosted at the COP26 Climate Change Conference.
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Digital, Analytics and Transformation


APIs: The secret ingredient for one company’s massive tech leap

– Emirates NBD’s Neeraj Makin and Saud Al Dhawyani discuss how APIs became central to their organization’s IT transformation.

CIO perspectives on leading agile change

– As agility gains ground, CIOs from the banking and telecom industries came together to discuss challenges and lessons learned... from leading agile transformations.

Six practical actions for building the cloud talent you need

– Despite a shortage of cloud talent, top companies are finding ways to get past table stakes and build the capabilities needed.

How medtech companies can create value with new-business building

– Medtech industry senior executives recently convened to discuss new-business building. Their experiences illuminate what it can... do for companies, why it’s so difficult, and how to get it right.

The unsolved opportunities for cybersecurity providers

– With sophisticated cyberthreats on the rise, organizations must continue evolving by using novel strategies and technology. For... cybersecurity providers, the challenges and opportunities are numerous.

The six must-haves to achieve breakthrough growth in e-commerce D2C

– With e-commerce surging, building direct-to-consumer capabilities is more important than ever—but how do companies truly... scale their D2C business?

Shaping the long race in quantum communication and quantum sensing

– While quantum computing is making headlines, two related technologies—quantum sensing and quantum communication—could... reach the market earlier and potentially transform multiple industries.

A quantum wake-up call for European CEOs

– Quantum computing could significantly reshape key industries in Europe. The region’s executives and entrepreneurs should... act now to harness its potential.

CEO lessons from digital transformations

– A digital transformation demands fundamental change across every part of the company.

The digital-value guardian: CEOs and digital transformations

– The CEO is ultimately the only one who can shape and guide a successful digital transformation. Here’s the playbook.

Quantum computing use cases are getting real—what you need to know

– A burgeoning quantum-computing ecosystem and emerging business use cases promise to create significant value for industries—if... executives prepare now.
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