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Investire nelle grandi opere in Italia: le opportunità da digitalizzazione, resourcing e reskilling

– La sfida della realizzazione degli investimenti infrastrutturali in Italia è un’opportunità per la digitalizzazione, l’attrazione di talenti e il reskilling a scala

Quando Davide si allea con Golia

– L’Europa genera il 36% delle startup di tutto il mondo, ma solo il 14% degli unicorni. Nuove forme di collaborazione fra le startup e le grandi aziende possono favorire la crescita e l’innovazione anche in Italia.

The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times

– Strengthening institutional resilience has never been more important.

Unlocking the full life-cycle value from connected-car data

– Car data can help mobility players along the entire value chain—but they need to act now.

Getting the price right in logistics

– Reimagining the pricing cycle can be the most impactful lever for profitability in the logistics sector, and five steps to reform... the entire pricing cycle can maximize the value.

Reducing data costs without jeopardizing growth

– Organizations are leaning on data insights more than ever to cope with the pandemic’s fallout. But with most companies in... resiliency mode, how can they ramp up data efforts while managing data costs?

Italian insurance: Achieving scale in advanced analytics

– Continued investment in advanced analytics will be vital for Italian insurers navigating the post-COVID-19 landscape

The future of maintenance for distributed fixed assets

– Why people are key to successfully implementing technology‑led maintenance transformations.

Environmental, social and governance


CO2 removal solutions: A buyer’s perspective

– As climate change impact becomes increasingly apparent, the adoption of decarbonization commitments is accelerating. Companies... are acting rapidly and decisively to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and neutralize residual emissions.

Refurbishing Europe: Igniting opportunities in the built environment

– The built environment in Europe will need to transform to achieve the EU’s goals for net-zero emissions. This is challenging... but will unlock societal benefits and business opportunities.

What is ESG?

– Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are useful in measuring a company’s progress toward achieving social... goals in addition to creating shareholder value.

Net zero: Next moves for CEOs

– How leaders can invest in a sustainable future and navigate near-term energy pressures successfully.

Using model risk management to address climate analytics: It’s a process, not a task

– Climate models create significant risks and complexity. Model risk managers need a tailored approach to ensure they are fit for... purpose.

Financing the net-zero transition: From planning to practice

– Financial institutions will play a leading role in the transition to a net-zero economy. To maximize the opportunity, they must... make fundamental changes across portfolios and organizations.

Toward a more orderly US energy transition: Six key action areas

– The US drive to decarbonize is at an inflection point. Critical actions could accelerate the transition while enhancing energy... affordability and supporting inclusive economic growth.

Why Davos matters more than ever

– Global challenges call for global leadership.

Europe’s Bio Revolution: Biological innovations for complex problems

– Advances in biological science could help the world overcome its most pressing challenges in health and sustainability. Europe’s... Bio Revolution could translate scientific strengths into impact.

Shared mobility: Sustainable cities, shared destinies

– By 2030, shared mobility could generate up to $1 trillion in consumer spending. New research reveals the trends and data to know.

Where does shared autonomous mobility go next?

– Shared autonomous mobility is at a critical point, and five factors may determine how the market evolves and which companies succeed.
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Digital, Analytics and Transformation


How to close the Black tech talent gap

– Businesses risk billions if Black professionals continue to be underrepresented in tech jobs. Closing the gap means making changes... to education, recruiting, and retention initiatives.

Digital and AI-enabled wealth management: The big potential in Asia

– The region’s mass-affluent and affluent segments are growing fast, and their demand for wealth management is evolving. Successful... strategies will use digital and AI to access—and win—this market opportunity.

Disrupting Thailand’s B2B food marketplace: A conversation with Maknet’s Tirayu Songvetkasem

– The chief digital officer of a Thai incumbent catering to the food services sector explains how the company’s B2B spin-off... combines the best of the start-up and enterprise worlds.
Interview - Cloud Value Radio

Focusing on developer experience and embedded security for cloud

– Asurion’s CIO explains how the company’s timely decision to go cloud-first allows the company to move fast, drive... value, and stay competitive.
Interview - Cloud Value Radio

Migrating two banks to the cloud after a merger

– Truist’s chief information and experience officer discusses the post-merger cloud challenges.

Top ten observations from 2022 in life sciences digital and analytics

– Life sciences companies are making progress in adopting and deploying digital and analytics. But they can go further and faster... by heeding some lessons from the past few years.

How Daiichi Sankyo Europe drives growth with digital and analytics

– Digital and analytics can markedly improve life sciences companies’ engagement with customers. Daiichi Sankyo Europe’s... CEO Jan Van Ruymbeke explains the challenges to adopting digital and analytics and how his company overcame them.

Life-centric banking with an analytics edge

– Bank Jago’s Peterjan van Nieuwenhuizen explains the value a life-centric banking approach has for AI banks.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A CEO’s guide to the metaverse

– It’s too big to ignore—yet its future is far from certain. Companies need to dip a toe in the water and plan to take the plunge... should developments warrant.

Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage

– To remain competitive in technological growth and innovation, Europe must recruit and retain women for the fastest-growing tech... roles of the foreseeable future.

Clearing data-quality roadblocks: Unlocking AI in manufacturing

– An agile, data-centric approach can help clean and enrich data needed for machine learning. To move forward, manufacturers need... to set up the right teams with the right tools.
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