Amplifying social impact
We help private and corporate foundations, as well as individual philanthropists, to develop strategies for achieving systems-level social impact.

We draw on deep expertise from across our global firm—in agriculture, economic development, global public health, financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, infrastructure and urban development, education, and equity—to help philanthropic organizations tackle society’s greatest challenges.

What we do

Refresh philanthropic strategies

Helping established organizations develop their overall and issue area-specific theories of change and theories of action, designing new strategies for investment portfolios, improving organizational alignment, and ensuring effective governance.

Launch new philanthropic organizations

Helping philanthropists achieve their vision by supporting the design of new philanthropic entities or projects—including foundations, limited liability companies, public-private partnerships, hosted philanthropic initiatives, and multi-donor collaborative platforms—encompassing strategy design, theory of change, and operating model.

Design major “big bets”

Developing the strategy and implementation plan for major marquee philanthropic initiatives that are deploying significant capital (from $100 million to more than $1 billion) focused on a targeted problem or issue area.

Develop corporate purpose strategies

Partnering with companies to implement strategies and initiatives that increase the social impact of their core business—and in the process, motivating employees, identifying and minimizing risk, and increasing their competitiveness.

Improve the performance of high-priority grantees

Working directly with the grantees of our foundation partners to support them in transforming their strategies, organizational models, governance models, and operations.

Launch multi-donor initiatives

Helping philanthropies partner with other donors or funders in order to amplify the scale of their impact and designing the strategies, operating models, and governance models of major philanthropic collaboratives that pool capital or facilitate strategic alignment among multiple donors.

Evaluate impact

Helping establish processes for sound measurement and evaluation, and determining impact through a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not

Strengthen governance

Helping philanthropic organizations strengthen their board structure, processes, and composition to ensure sound, strategic oversight.

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