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Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products


Refueling the innovation engine in vaccines

– Vaccine development has slowed over the past five years, but changes to investment strategies and a shift in focus to more technical and complex vaccines could renew the innovation engine.

What’s next for biosimilars in emerging markets?

– Affordable biologic therapies could help expand patients’ access to treatment in the developing world. Here’s what... pharma companies must know to unlock the potential.

Transforming Medical Affairs: Tapping the alchemy of storytellers and digital start-ups

– The Head of Digital Strategy and Medical Innovation, US Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Novartis discusses how disruptive... technologies and digital innovation are inspiring a start-up mind-set within the organization.

Divestiture in medtech: Are you the natural owner of your businesses?

– For medtech companies, divestitures can create value. But several elements are necessary to make separations successful.

Precision medicine: Opening the aperture

– To keep pace with the evolving ecosystem for precision medicine, pharma players must be attuned to three crucial components: data... collection, individualized solutions, and supporting business models.

Special Collections

Biopharma Frontiers:
What the future holds for the industry

Industry leaders and key stakeholders offer perspectives to inspire discussion and constructive debate.

The pharma launchpad

Ideas for pharma and biotech looking to invest for launch success.

Spotlight on Japan

As the world’s second-largest pharma and medtech market, Japan has historically been an innovation center for the industry.... But amid an evolving healthcare landscape, this collection of articles and interviews looks at what opportunities and challenges executives at life-sciences companies need to address.

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How a healthcare company is pursuing agile transformation

– Roche’s head of talent innovation discusses her company’s global leadership initiative.

Helping to accelerate cures: Regulating the rapidly evolving field of cell and gene therapies

– In this interview, Peter Marks of the US Food and Drug Administration discusses how the organization has contributed to the broader... ecosystem of innovation.

Should sub-Saharan Africa make its own drugs?

– A comprehensive analysis of the business, economic, and public-health impact finds the potential for local production of pharmaceuticals... to be a mixed bag.

Digitization, automation, and online testing: The future of pharma quality control

– Emerging technologies can make quality control (QC) faster and more efficient. What do pharma companies need to do to become QC... leaders?

Machine learning and therapeutics 2.0: Avoiding hype, realizing potential

– Six levers can help healthcare and pharma players achieve better outcomes when using machine learning.

Improving patient adherence through data-driven insights

– When patients fail to follow prescribed medical regimens, outcomes suffer. A McKinsey study points to areas pharmaceutical companies... can address to combat this long-standing industry issue.

The European public-procurement opportunity: Delivering value in medtech

– Value-based procurement is a reality today. To capture the opportunity in today’s European medtech-public-procurement market... fully, winners need to adapt to new realities quickly.

The rise and rise of medtech in Asia

– How can medtech companies thrive in the world’s fastest-growing market?

Building digital ecosystems in Japan

– Two Merck Healthcare digital specialists explain their company’s transformation and the impact it has had on patients.

Digital R&D: The Next Frontier for Biopharmaceuticals

– Digital promises to transform R&D productivity over the next decade. What will it take to realize this potential?

Digitizing healthcare—opportunities for Germany

– Society is aging and healthcare costs keep rising. By digitizing the system, health services can be provided at lower cost and... higher quality. A new study reveals the areas for and extent of potential improvements.
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