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Global Insurance Pools

Delivering the analysis and insights that insurance executives need to achieve sustained growth

Markets around the world are evolving quickly: growth rates and consumer trends can differ dramatically across countries, product lines, and the value chain. Understanding market trends and uncovering emerging opportunities can be the difference between setting the pace and falling behind the pack. McKinsey's Global Insurance Pools (GIP) service line database features globally coherent, comprehensive, granular data sets for many markets and all product lines. With forecasting capabilities and access to financial indicators going back more than 20 years, executives can gain a detailed view of each market’s performance, emerging trends, and the competitive landscape.

We draw on our unrivaled data and analysis to give clients the visibility and clarity they need to move forward confidently. The GIP database includes:

  • online access to the largest and most comprehensive global insurance data source
  • forecast capabilities for volumes and profits
  • deep insights across the value chain and product lines
  • regular publication of key insights and qualitative country insights
  • support from a dedicated team to address data-related questions
  • seamless integration into McKinsey's global network of insurance experts

What we do

Corporate strategy

We review an insurer’s global or regional footprint (such as distribution channels and product mix) using detailed market data to highlight new growth opportunities across markets.

Strategic plan building

We use projected market developments and collaborate with clients to set ambitious yet realistic performance targets for business units.

Market sizing and market entry strategy

We identify the growth pockets and prevalent trends across different markets, enabling insurers to conduct data-driven assessments and shape business strategy.

Performance management

We clear benchmarks that draw on independent, external market data to provide a transparent view on out- or underperformance in various markets and business units.

Our Offerings

Markets database: We leverage more than 150,000 data points with financial indicators for every market from 2000 onward—and forecasts until 2030—in order to cover 66 of the largest insurance countries worldwide and 99 percent of global insurance premiums.

Local insurers database: We compiled key financial indicators for 15 of the largest domestic insurers in 16 individual insurance markets, as well as premium data for the ten largest insurers in more than 60 countries.

Global insurers database: Our work provides financial statement information for more than 100 major global insurers, including splits for life insurance and nonlife insurance.

Commercial lines pools: We provide commercial lines insurance premiums, segmented by industries, customer segments, and commercial lines of business, with the benchmarks for small-, mid-, and large-commercial lines by geography for 66 of the largest countries by insurance needs.

Multiaccess database: We track customers’ multichannel journeys via analyses of clients' preferences and usage for 19 countries, including Africa, the Americas, Asia–Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and across three insurance products: motor, home, and life insurance.

Direct distribution database: We provide key profit-and-loss items for direct channels in 12 countries, including information for major companies from the year 2000 onward.

Local definitions database: We focus on key profit-and-loss items with granular product splits, as reported locally for ten countries across the Americas, Asia–Pacific, and Europe from the year 2000 onward.

Insurtech: Our web tool provides 24/7, on-the-go access to a multidimensional capability covering the insurtech landscape. The dimensions include geographical views for products, technology, and value chains, top player profiles, investments in insurtechs (by region, product, technology, and value chain), and the latest innovations and trends.

Featured Experts

Dr. Jörg Mußhoff

Advises executives of leading global financial services organizations on strategy, corporate finance, distribution, and large-scale transformation programs.

Nataliya Fedorenko

Helps global insurance clients on strategy topics for both life and nonlife insurance businesses with a focus on distribution transformations and protection.

Shitij Gupta

Advises global insurance clients on topics ranging from distribution, digital, and nonlife insurance to innovation, insurtechs, and reinsurance.

Philipp Klais

Works with global insurance clients to reshape their distribution strategies and build digital business models to drive success in an increasingly digital market.

Featured Insights


Global Insurance Pools statistics and trends: An overview of life, P&C, and health insurance

– The ninth edition of McKinsey’s Global Insurance Pools database offers a detailed look at the insurance industry by region and line of business.

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