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Industrial Distribution

We help industrial distributors attain commercial and organizational excellence in an age of rapid change and increased competition.

For industrial distributors, new challenges arise daily. Some manufacturers are now building their own distribution channels and others are selling directly through online platforms. Recent entrants, including digital leaders and big-box retailers, are also aggressively pursuing market share. Meanwhile, customers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. In addition to using data to get steeper discounts, many expect 24/7 customer service, online order tracking, real-time inventory management, and other conveniences.

In this evolving landscape, we help industrial distributors build scale, adopt innovative technologies, eliminate customer pain points, and create a digital strategy. We also allow companies to become leaner and improve execution by standardizing core operations and processes. Sometimes we even help clients move beyond distribution to provide other services, such as credit financing, inventory management, and product expertise. Our expertise spans all sectors of industrial distribution, including building products, electronics, electrical components, HVAC and plumbing, IT, automotive parts, and general industrial products.

As times get tougher, distributors will need to move fast to remain competitive. For their leaders, the first step will involve taking a dispassionate, independent view of their business to understand the full improvement potential. Our consultants can walk companies through this process and then help them create a structured and transformative approach that allows them to thrive amidst disruption.

Recent example of our work

We helped a building-product distributor nearly double its combined earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) within two years of an acquisition by identifying procurement synergies that it should pursue. We also worked with the company to consolidate its supply chain and eliminate redundancies in finance, IT, HR, and back-office support. Other big savings came from helping the client consolidate overlapping locations and design denser routes.

Featured experts

Shekhar Varanasi

Partner, Silicon Valley

David Sprengel

Partner, Munich

Nick Malik

Senior Partner, New York

Steve Reis

Senior Partner, Atlanta

Nick Santhanam

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley

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