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GameChange: The CEO agenda for companies in advanced industries


Despite a number of critical challenges for advanced industries companies within advanced electronics, aerospace, automotive, and assembly, the pandemic has also boosted innovation, massively increased digital adoption, and enables new possibilities for the future. Although each company must define its individual path, we believe most industrial companies can benefit from ten game-changing strategies to be well positioned for the next decade. These leading-edge activities fall into three areas: securing high-confidence growth, achieving next-generation margin and productivity transformation, and reshaping strategy and organization for the next normal, accompanied by industry-specific underlying tech transformations.


In this series of events, we will explore the 10 “unlocks" to chart a new course for the next decade—one in which industrials truly differentiate themselves from competitors, accelerate their recovery, and aggressively transform their companies to prepare for the next normal.

Join industry and McKinsey experts for this series of 60-minute sessions from March to July, each session featuring an expert panel with brief perspectives from McKinsey and industry experts, followed by Q&A. Registration for all or selected events is limited on a first-come, first-served basis, and complimentary.

Further industry-specific sessions focusing on the required underlying tech transformations, will follow in the second half of the year. Topics will span around such themes as how automotive companies can successfully master the challenge of E/E architecture and software transformation, or how machinery players can successfully introduce and leverage IoT platforms.

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The CEO agenda for companies in advanced industries

– As automotive and industrial companies take tactical steps to survive the pandemic, they should seize the opportunity to embrace ten actions to sustain leadership and value creation in the coming decade.

CEO dialogue: Perspectives on reimagining industrial supply chains

– After seeing the COVID-19 pandemic generate unprecedented disruptions to global supply chains, CEOs are taking innovative approaches to build resilient, digitally infused operations.

The next wave of M&A in advanced industries: Are you prepared?

– This may not seem like a promising time for M&A, but industrial companies that act now may emerge stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making the cloud pay: How industrial companies can accelerate impact from the cloud

– The cloud’s real value goes far beyond IT: it can help industrial companies reinvent how they develop, deliver, sell, and service their products.

How industrial companies can jump-start a rapid revenue recovery

– Five analytics-driven go-to-market strategies can give organizations valuable insights to boost revenues.

Car buying in 2030

– In this video, three McKinsey partners describe how the experience of purchasing an automobile might change in the coming decade—and how car dealerships should evolve.

Past Events

Accelerated M&A post-pandemic

– This session focuses on M&A through integration and transformation, as we think—though this may not seem to be a promising time for M&A—this is the exact moment to act and emerge stronger after the pandemic.

Disruption in go-to-market for industrials – omni, data & automation

– In this session, we offer first-hand insights from industry experts that have experienced the go-to-market transformation by themselves. In this second edition, we will focus on analytics-driven insights generation.

Fueling profitable growth through digital, analytics, and services

– In this session we will discuss how industrial companies can drive profitable growth through digital and services, including a new approach to build such capabilities at scale.

Unlocking a company’s full potential through holistic interventions

– In this session, we explore how to unlock an organization’s full potential through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and organizational health, with McKinsey and industry experts sharing their experiences.

Tech divide, environmental risks, and implications - global footprints and supply chains transformed

– This session provides insights into how to build supply chain resiliency with reimagined business models, secure control points, and efficient industrial supply chains.

Organizing for speed

– In this session, we will talk about five accelerants to get sustainable speed and efficiency into the organization. We will, for example, discuss an organization structure focused on value creation and approaches on how to energize and reskill the workforce to support the new ways of working and be ready for the “next normal”.

Sustainability - a key differentiator in value creation

– In this session, we discuss with McKinsey Sustainability leaders and industry experts the growing momentum behind a wave of industry change to tackle increasing ESG expectations from customers, regulators, investors, and employees. We will discuss how leading on sustainability will become a distinct competitive advantage.

The next frontier in efficiency: digital operations in advanced industries

– In this session, McKinsey and industry experts discuss which digital tools can help best to improve productivity along the value chain as well as to enhance sustainability, agility, and speed to market.

Clearing the air regarding Cloud

– This session focuses on how cloud technology can better enable improved business operations. Together with industry experts, we explore a global survey of best practices in cloud technology that has been derived of >800 managers.

Leap - building new businesses in advanced industries

– This session looks at unlocking the potential of new digital business building, emerging as a top business priority and value driver in a recent McKinsey survey, but difficult to get right. Join us as we unpack lessons learnt from multiple successful business building journeys across industrial sectors.

Disruption in automotive go-to-market - online, digital & analytics, and new customer models in auto sales

– Together with industry leaders and our global McKinsey experts, we will explore how digital and analytics will fundamentally transform automotive distribution. Join us to hear the latest solutions in this space, aiming at a more customer-centric, yet cost effective go-to-market model.

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