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Winning in Emerging Markets

Understanding the regions that are driving growth in global consumption.

The closest look yet at Chinese economic engagement in Africa

– Field interviews with more than 1,000 Chinese companies provide new insights into Africa–China business relationships.


Book Excerpt - McKinsey Global Institute

The four global forces breaking all the trends

– The world economy’s operating system is being rewritten. In this exclusive excerpt from the new book No Ordinary Disruption, its authors explain the trends reshaping the world and why leaders must adjust to a new reality.

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The future of women in Asia’s workforce

– The potential for women in Asia to raise their economic position is great, but automation will present unique challenges for women... in the workforce.

How Asia’s rise is reshaping the world

– Kevin Sneader, global managing partner of McKinsey, discusses the ways the era of digital disruption will play out in Asia, from... supply-chain effects to job changes.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Asia’s future is now

– Asia is on track to top 50 percent of global GDP by 2040 and drive 40 percent of the world’s consumption, representing a... real shift in the world’s center of gravity.

What makes Asia ‘Asian’?

– Global-strategy adviser Parag Khanna describes what makes Asia’s political economy distinctive.

Why the future is Asian

– Global-strategy adviser Parag Khanna describes the ways that the world economy is increasingly Asia-centric and will be moving... even more swiftly in that direction.
Commentary - Financial Times

Emerging markets can still drive global growth

– Never mind the recent turbulence—emerging-market fundamentals remain sound.

Sustaining economic momentum in Myanmar

– Through concerted efforts from the state and business, complemented by significant investment in the workforce of tomorrow, Myanmar... can sustain its outperforming economic momentum.

Doubling your company’s growth in a volatile region

– Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa hold tremendous growth potential for consumer-centric, digitally savvy companies... that take a long-term view.

Global growth, local roots: The shift toward emerging markets

– New markets will drive growth in demand for manufactured goods in coming decades. To meet it, companies must innovate at the local... level.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

A new emphasis on gainful employment in India

– As India’s labor market shifts, it is time to focus on improved quality of work and the income derived from it, not simply... the number of jobs being lost or created.

Building a new energy security architecture

– The Honourable Prime Minister of India, while sharing his expectations from the hydrocarbon sector and the government’s... endeavour to achieve energy security, laid out his vision for India’s energy future in the form of four pillars—access, efficiency, sustainability and security.
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