Stephanie Mehta

Editor in Chief, Fast Company

The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power
by Max Chafkin

I was lucky to score an advance copy of The Contrarian, Bloomberg Businessweek features editor Max Chafkin’s biography of Peter Thiel. I’ve followed Max’s journalism for years (we’ve worked at many of the same publications but never at the same time), and his writing is smart, sophisticated, and accessible. This book, due out on September 21, is going to be a must read in tech and business circles.

A Burning: A Novel
by Megha Majumdar

I’m embarrassed to say I finally started reading A Burning: A Novel by Megha Majumdar, which my husband got me for Christmas 2020. I love its intertwining stories, and first-time novelist Majumdar’s confident writing is intimate and epic at the same time.

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