McKinsey at Davos: Inside the minds of CEOs

As a strategic partner to the World Economic Forum, McKinsey was in the thick of Davos 2023 dialogue focused on the challenging nature of the macroeconomic environment and continued global disruptions. What did we learn about what’s top of mind for CEOs, and what did leaders take away from the forum? Despite concerns of an economic downturn, CEOs appeared to be confident about their preparedness to build resilience and navigate the impending turbulence. “We have the opportunity to not only adapt to the future, but also have the power to help shape it,” Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP, told Asutosh Padhi, managing partner of North America, in a recent Leadership Rundown interview. “Government, business leaders and civil society need to work together to leverage the multigenerational workforce and the growing consumer market as both a competitive advantage and an opportunity for economic growth.” Hear from more CEOs on their big takeaways from the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, and dive into insights on the topics that will dominate CEO agendas in the year ahead.

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