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Young Global Leaders & Davos 2023 Agenda

What can we expect at Davos 2023? Young Global Leaders, current and alumni, share their thoughts on topics that they think will dominate the Davos agenda–and those that they believe should get more attention.

The world was a dynamic place in 2022, with the war in Ukraine, inflation, climate change, supply chain challenges, and COVID-19 dominating our attention. As we prepare for a new year and the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting on January 16-20, what themes in business, economics, and policy can we expect to surface at Davos 2023?

McKinsey Global Publishing’s Raju Narisetti, an alum of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders—a group that includes professionals in business, NGOs, and not-for-profit organizations from around the world—asked 15 YGLs and alums about themes they believe will dominate the agenda as well as topics they think will be under-covered and could use more attention.

For more on the themes McKinsey senior leaders will address at Davos 2023 including resilience, globalization, sustainability, inclusion, space, and more, check out this video.

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