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How to protect our water—now, and for generations

Two billion people throughout the world live without access to safe water—and warming temperatures threaten to further impact the quantity and quality of water on a large scale. How can we protect and improve our water supply, and our relationship to water, so we can safeguard it for future generations? Ahead of #WorldWaterDay on March 22, dive deeper into these insights on the Earth's most vital resource, with topics including:

  • the history and never-ending dynamics between water and society
  • how the recently enacted US Bipartisan Infrastructure Law represents a transformative shift by boosting funding to improve the country’s water infrastructure
  • how using more renewable energy can help businesses conserve water while also reducing carbon emissions
  • how businesses can tackle the water crisis

Author Talks: Giulio Boccaletti on the relationship between society and water

The US Bipartisan Infrastructure Law: Reinvesting in water

Managing water and climate risk with renewable energy

Author Talks: An epic legal battle for clean water in Appalachia

Water: A human and business priority

Optimizing water treatment with online sensing and advanced analytics

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