Navigating the board and CEO relationship

The relationship between the CEO and the board is crucial, interdependent, and evolving. In today's complex business environment, the CEO leads organizations to carry out strategy and create value; the board of directors provides direction and oversight to protect shareholder and broader stakeholder interests. “Poorly managed, the relationship between the CEO and the board can devolve into a loss of trust and paralyzing ineffectiveness,” write senior partners Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller, and Vik Malhotra in the the best-selling book CEO Excellence. And board effectiveness is a high-value endeavor: research shows that it's strongly correlated with better performance and higher market valuations. Check out these insights to learn how to get board effectiveness right, dive into topics that are at the top of the board agenda, and bookmark The McKinsey guide to excelling as a CEO for the latest CEO insights.

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