It’s cloud time for boards—in seven charts

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Few companies are unaware of the potential benefits of cloud. Far fewer, however, have captured them at scale. For companies looking to increase their speed of innovation, the efficiency of their IT, and the business value their technology generates, finding the formula to unlock cloud’s value is paramount.

Boards have an important role to play in capturing these benefits by having a clear view of both the impact they as directors can provide and the most effective ways to support management.

Cloud can create tremendous value for businesses …

The value of cloud transcends IT and is estimated at more than $1 trillion.

… but many boards aren’t treating it that way

Only about 13 percent of boards are actively engaging in conversations about cloud, despite its tremendous potential value.

Boards have clear areas where they can act

Boards can support cloud adoption in four primary areas.

1. Strategy: Drive toward the biggest value pools

Cloud has a multitude of implications for corporate strategy, risk, and the broader business.

2. Financial impact: Be clear on cloud economics and how to accelerate benefits

Business benefits are critical to justifying cloud investment.

3. Risk: Develop—and track—a holistic view of risk

The transition to cloud will require boards to develop a holistic approach to risk.

4. Operating model: Move the business to a product-led way of working

A cloud-ready operating model will help realize significant value.
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