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Technology and digital in Asia


A new era for industrial R&D in Japan

– Japanese industry once led the world in research, product development, and innovation. It could do so again.

Winning in a world of ecosystems

– For traditional firms seeking to elevate their digital footprint, ecosystems represent an opportunity to boost growth, performance, and outshine competitors. Here's a look at what ecosystems can offer.

How China will help fuel the revolution in autonomous vehicles

– If the driverless-car phenomenon takes off in China, the payoff could be in the trillions of dollars.



Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech

– As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, a look at the newest developments from across the globe.

How China’s fintechs serve the underserved: An interview with CreditEase CEO Ning Tang

– Fintechs that succeed in the Chinese market know how to use technology to adapt to local conditions, improve efficiency, and service small businesses. Here’s how it’s done.

Reaching Asia’s digital banking customers

– Asia’s banking customers are migrating to digital channels in force. The challenge for the region’s banks is to deliver superior digital experiences before competitors do.

Industry 4.0


Moving past the ‘pilot trap’ to unleash Industry 4.0 in Indonesia

– Governments and businesses must find ways to create confidence in new manufacturing technologies and help early adopters get past initial implementation.
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The potential impact from manufacturing’s lighthouses in China

– China accounts for 5 of the 16 Industry 4.0 “lighthouse” manufacturing sites that the World Economic Forum (in collaboration with McKinsey) has identified as world leaders in successfully implementing Industry 4.0 at scale.

Bringing Industry 4.0 to life for companies in Southeast Asia

– McKinsey’s survey of 300 manufacturing leaders found that nine out of ten believe Industry 4.0 will alter their operational effectiveness. Yet only 48 percent of manufacturers think they are ready for Industry 4.0.

Digital government


Building a one-stop shop for government services in Australia

– Service New South Wales, a website for citizen services, was built like a start-up within the government, in a rapid, iterative process sharply focused on customer satisfaction.

Country perspectives

Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation

– Indian consumers have strongly embraced digital technologies. Now India’s companies must follow suit.

Australia’s automation opportunity: Reigniting productivity and inclusive income growth

– Automation and artificial intelligence present an enormous opportunity for national and personal income growth and could add up to $4 trillion to Australia’s economy.

Unlocking Sri Lanka’s digital opportunity

– There are enormous growth opportunities in Sri Lanka for companies that boost their Digital Quotient in four critical dimensions.

The digital archipelago: How online commerce is driving Indonesia’s economic development

– New research explores the impact of online commerce in Indonesia, as well as the priority measures needed to boost the country’s broader digital economy.

Seizing the automation opportunity in the Philippines

– Almost half of the activities that people are paid to do can be automated using currently available technologies. Filipino innovators can establish competitive advantage and reap superior rewards by selectively adopting these technologies.


How CEOs can meet the digital challenge

Noshir Kaka, global coleader of McKinsey’s Analytics Practice, discusses how technological advancements are key to the future of Asia, how companies must recognize certain kinds of decisions are better off being automated, and how Asian companies are leapfrogging like never before.

The four fundamentals of digital in Asia

Gregor Theisen, managing partner of McKinsey Digital in Asia, describes how new technologies require companies to respond very quickly and to have flexible architecture. People must be trained and systems upgraded, he says, and organizations must be prepared to operate in an ecosystem where problems are always changing.

Asia’s digital advantage

Jeongmin Seong, senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, discusses the rapid development of Asia’s digital economy, its impact on the global innovation space, and the important roles governments play in the Asian digital economy.