Solve It 2021

Solve It 2021

Solve It is a two-round case study competition that provides students and young professionals with consulting experience through helping a real organization solve its current strategic and operational challenges. If you’re keen on applying your skills where they matter and broadening your horizons, Solve It is for you! We welcome all Czech / Slovak speaking applicants irrespective of their education or experience—whatever your background, you will bring a different perspective to the study and give your skills a relevant boost. This year, Solve It will be held in a hybrid format. The first round will be held online and the final round will take place in person1 (with an option to join online for teams unable to join us in person) so you can expect an abundance of networking opportunities.

How it works

Application deadline: November 7, 23:59 (each team member must submit a separate application)

First round: November 9 – 14, 2021 (online)

Final round: November 26 – 27, 2021 (in person1 with an option to join online)

The competition is for Czech- and Slovak-speaking university students and young professionals with up to 5 years of professional experience. All participants must be fluent in Czech or Slovak. The competition is open to teams of 4–5 members and individuals (who will be grouped into teams before the first round of the competition). Each team must have at least one male and one female member and each member of the team must either be vaccinated against COVID-19, or have a valid PCR test, or provide a document written by a medical doctor stating the person is advised against such vaccination. Only solutions from teams that meet all required conditions will be assessed. In case you do not have a complete team, we have created a forum for you to connect with other individual applicants looking for teams.

First round

In the first round, registered teams will receive a challenge in the form of a key question along with supporting data. The materials will be sent on Tuesday, November 9, between 4pm and 8pm.

Teams will have 5 days to analyze the situation, develop a solution, and design and submit their output online. The output will be in English and must be submitted in the form of both (I) an Excel file and (II) a readable or viewable presentation (ppt or pdf) by 23:59, November 14. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. It must be possible to read or view the output in 10 minutes or less.

The top 4–6 teams will be shortlisted and will be invited to the final round on November 26–27. All team members must be available in person1 during both days from approximately 8am until 10pm. If all team members are not present both days, the team will be disqualified.

Final round

Final round participants will include the top 4–6 teams from the first round.

The final round will be held in person1 in Prague where teams will build on their initial work to develop and present a solution. Leaders from this year’s Solve It organization and McKinsey consultants will be present in person to provide further background and guidance. A committee composed of the organization leaders and McKinsey consultants will assess the teams’ solutions.

The winning team will win a prize – airline tickets worth 40,000 CZK per team to a destination selected by the team and coaching after Solve It with McKinsey consultants.

Other links

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1) The in-person format of the final round of the competition is subject to change following regulations imposed by the Czech government and the internal policies of the Firm.

Solve It not only allowed me to work on challenging problems that can help the NGO to achieve a better impact but also brought me practical insights into the consulting world. On top of that, I was able to work with highly motivated individuals while having great fun!

Lukáš Solve It participant 2020

For me, the most beneficial part of the competition was a proximity of the cases to actual consulting work, because they are based on real problems, real figures and real people. Whatever your motivation is for entering the competition, remember that in the end of the day it is all about learning and having fun.

Anh Hoang University of Economics, Solve It participant

Solve It 2017 was unforgettable! My teammates and I had built a relationship of trust throughout the competition and I can rely on them addressing many issues. Solve It encouraged me to do more meaningful things. I have recently volunteered at Great Barrier Reef targeting marine debris in Australia.

Yulia Rebrova University of Economics, Solve It participant

Solve It was a truly fantastic experience and indeed a challenging one. You get a chance to put your analytical skills into practice, learn under the supervision of experienced consultants, and meet other inspiring student competitors and professionals.

Elena Mizeráková Institute of Economic Studies, Solve It participant

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