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We encourage you to explore this site for more information about McKinsey and the recruiting process. We hope to meet you on campus to continue the discussion about why we think McKinsey would be the right place for you.

If you are pursuing a master's degree and you earned an undergraduate degree fewer than four years ago, you will be considered for a business analyst position. If you hold a bachelor's degree and have at least four years of work experience or completed or expect to complete your master's program four years from the time you received your bachelor's degree, you will join as an associate.

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Oct 23 2018

Connect with McKinsey Greater China - Reception in Silicon Valley

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Silicon Valley
In Greater China, our clients include fast-growing tech-based startups, established privately-own companies, state-owned enterprises and multinational companies. McKinsey Greater China region is dedicated in helping our clients with new capabilities, tools, and ways of working – from building digital businesses from the ground up, to leveraging data analytics to optimize marketing strategies, to designing cutting-edge products.

We will be hosting two exciting events in New York and Silicon Valley!
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Technology is completely changing the industries we’re operating in. Digital McKinsey and China Innovation Hub offer a great platform for those looking to make real impact in Greater China’s technology space. We are bringing in 2 partners from Greater China to host an exclusive reception in the Bay Area to share with you the latest tech-related business trends in China.
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Students who are graduating in 2020 and experienced professionals are all welcome to the events. Short-listed individuals will be notified by email on October 17.

For further inquiries, please contact us at
Dec 02 2018

Associate Internship Application Deadline

PhDs, Postdocs and non-MBA Masters students finishing their programs in 2020, or medical students, interns, residents or fellows finishing their programs in 2020 or 2021 who are interested in our 2019 internship opportunities must apply by December 2, 2018.
Dec 02 2018

JD Internship Application Deadline

JDs and JD/MBA students finishing their programs in 2020 who are interested in our 2019 internship opportunities must apply by December 2, 2018.
Dec 02 2018

MD Fellowship Application Deadline

Medical students between the 3rd and 4th year of med school who are interested in the MD Fellowship must apply by December 2, 2018.

I am so glad I chose McKinsey and I look forward to helping you as you consider your career options.

Bede Broome

Opportunities for Advanced Professional Degree Candidates

Many advanced professional degree candidates join us as an associate or junior associate consultants (positions vary based on office and experience). APD candidates may also consider applying for an associate or business analyst internship position depending on degree or work experience, usually for the summer prior to their penultimate year of their program; timing of internships can vary based on your academic schedule.

Our roles include generalist consulting; practice consulting, focused on a specific function or industry (e.g., digital, implementation, operations); and technical roles within McKinsey’s product and solution development team (e.g., data science, data engineering, software engineering, and digital strategy & delivery).

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