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Violet may have chosen McKinsey because it felt like the safe option, but 11 years later, access to brilliant people, work with global impact, and flexibility to pick her projects keep her here.

We’re shaping industries and the global leaders of tomorrow, and it makes me proud.

I was educated abroad and received my undergraduate degree in Canada and my MBA from Chicago Booth. I moved back to Asia and landed in Hong Kong.

I have been with the firm since 2009. I was pursuing a career in finance, but the summer of 2008 was brutal for investment banks. I had other offers but chose McKinsey because the culture stood out for me and it felt like a safe option. I have never regretted the decision.

McKinsey has exceeded my expectations

I work with amazing people, both inside and outside the firm. I’ve worked with ex-Olympians, experienced industry leaders, and individuals who built and sold successful companies. I can’t imagine another way to receive this kind of exposure and meet this many amazing people at my age.

McKinsey is the only place that allows an early tenured business analyst or associate to present in a big meeting with a CEO or chairman and CXOs in the room. Contributing to the success of our clients so early in one’s career is really rewarding.

Our firm has a reputation for hiring the smartest, most driven people. I assumed the firm would be full of aggressive, type-A people, but it’s not true.

The people here motivate me. We push each other and the environment is collaborative. You experience real teamwork and see so much selflessness. We want what’s best for our clients.

On working at McKinsey

I appreciate the flexibility in picking projects. For example, I can choose to work on things like growth innovation and digitization, while staying away from topics that don’t play to my strengths or interests. And I can do this while working my schedule around other priorities, like picking my kids up from school.

My job made me practice skillsets I didn’t know I have, which include public speaking, influencing skills, and counselling others. They make me much more effective in shaping and presenting my ideas in front of others. It has opened a new horizon for me.

More about me

I am the mother of two beautiful girls. In my free time, I love to travel with my husband and discover new places with our girls on the weekends. I have a goal of traveling to a new country each year. By now, I’ve been to 51 countries (not indicative of my age!). I am a big fan of dance shows and working out brings me peace and self-fulfillment.

I have been active in charity work since high school. My experiences in Uganda and Estonia made me realize how fortunate I am to make a difference in the world through my daily work.


The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
MBA, accounting and finance

Simon Fraser University
BBA, accounting and finance

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