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Exceptional people and support to try again

Vu is excited to join McKinsey to help companies and leaders solve tough business challenges with talented and supportive colleagues.
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Hi, my name is Vu. I’ll join McKinsey in Hanoi in November 2020. I’ve been planning to join for a long time, so I’m delighted to have this opportunity. I’ve spent the last 10 years working in online payments, e-logistics, and B2B ecommerce.

My path to McKinsey

I recently received an offer to join McKinsey in the Hanoi office. This wasn’t my only attempt at applying to McKinsey and I was disappointed before after being turned down following final round interviews, but the encouragement and helpful feedback from my interviewers and recruiter gave me the confidence to try again after I honed some of the skills I knew McKinsey wanted to see.

The most helpful feedback I received was around structured thinking. I was told I demonstrated that skill when answering some of the interview questions, and I needed to use it consistently when answering all questions. During the last two years, I focused on this. I practiced in professional and personal situations. I gained a lot of insight from the firm's website; the publications gave me a taste of how McKinsey breaks down and addresses problems in different industries and sectors and then communicates their findings or recommendations. 

I’m really excited to join McKinsey as an associate. Last time, I applied for a junior associate position, so the offer as an associate shows my experience and preparation paid off. 

We strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our website. If you would like information about this content we will be happy to work with you. Please email us at:

How did you prepare your personal experience examples?

It was helpful that I had experience interviewing with McKinsey and received feedback from my interviewers. I leveraged examples from my 10 years of work experience, and prepared stories that clearly demonstrated qualities I wanted to highlight. The coaching I received on how to engage my interviewers was also very helpful. It was just a matter of bringing my best to the interviews.

What surprised you most about the McKinsey interview process?

This time, I got to complete the McKinsey Problem Solving Game. That was new. The game assessed whether I got the correct answers and how I arrived at them. I thought it was a fun and interactive way for the firm to evaluate my skills. It showed McKinsey is innovative and adapting to our ever-changing world. After I join the firm, I’d love to get more involved with recruiting and interviewing.

Looking back, how did you feel about the overall experience?

While the path to McKinsey has been long and challenging for me, it has been very enjoyable. I’ve met remarkable people and gotten to know the firm and consulting well. The difficult part is behind me and I can’t wait to meet more colleagues and work with exceptional people. 

Why are you excited to join McKinsey?

I am looking forward to joining McKinsey because I know I will work on a wide range of projects across sectors and industries, learn the latest business trends, and help solve some of the toughest challenges. This will be a great way to find my passion alongside smart, remarkable and supportive colleagues who will help me grow.

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More about Vu

Vu holds a master’s degree from Solvay Brussels School, and a bachelor’s degree in banking & finance, and economics from Monash University in Australia. Vu previously worked in online payments, e-logistics, and B2B ecommerce.

Outside of work, Vu enjoys indoor activities like gaming, comics and spending time with his cats. On the off chance he goes out, he likes to try good food, especially steak.