Entrepreneurship at McKinsey

For the past two-years, in addition to serving clients in healthcare on strategy and merger and acquisitions (M&A) topics, I led the development and launch of McKinsey’s global M&A Hub. My senior partner sponsors in the Strategy & Corporate Finance practice and I developed a new approach to serving clients on M&A strategy implementation, including proactive deal sourcing and outside-in pre-diligence. First, we defined the new offering and its value to clients. Next, we assembled a diverse team of colleagues who shared our passion for this topic and wanted to invest in its development. Our team consisted of consultants like me, experts in M&A and finance, and technology leaders. We grew this idea, hatched in a conference room in McKinsey’s London office in December 2018, into a full-fledged offering that has served more than 20 clients to-date.

Entrepreneurship at McKinsey
Entrepreneurship at McKinsey

For me personally, this experience was transformative on several fronts. I experienced the feel of a start-up with the support of McKinsey’s infrastructure and people. I strengthened my relationships with senior members of the Strategy & Corporate Finance practice as the M&A Hub gave me a channel to connect with them more often professionally and personally. I expanded the ways I serve clients, supporting a broader array of organizations and deepening how I serve my exiting clients. Last but not least, in building the M&A Hub team, I developed meaningful relationships with colleagues with whom I had not previously worked. This expanded my network and consider many of them close friends – I even attended one of my colleague’s wedding last summer.

More about Liz

Liz an associate partner with McKinsey’s Health Systems and Services practice based in our New Jersey office. She serves healthcare clients primarily on topics related to enterprise strategy and growth, agile resource allocation, and M&A, including M&A strategy, proactive deal sourcing, integration planning, and M&A capability building. Liz received her bachelor’s magna cum laude from Dartmouth College and a MBA with Dean’s Honors from Columbia Business School. Prior to joining McKinsey, she worked for Partners HealthCare in Boston.

When Liz is not working (and before COVID-19), you can find her at the beach, on her annual Aspen ski trip, or traveling to new places… often for work and then mixing in a few days of fun.

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